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18.25. NetDocuments Download Warning Threshold


You integrate your Symphony OCR software with your NetDocuments repository and you're getting emails saying something to the extent of "NetDocuments Download Threshold Exceeded".

What does this mean?

This email comes from NetDocuments based on, as far as we know, repository settings configured to alert an admin of when a user's download activity exceeds a certain, defined, number. We do not control these settings or email notifications, but we've located an article published by NetDocuments which talks more about this which may be of use. 

Symphony OCR must download your documents in order to analyze and OCR them.  This process does count towards the NetDocuments warning threshold.

The setting to adjust the threshold is located in the NetDocuments Admin Settings under "Edit name, logo and billing information".

Please note that Trumpet, Inc. does not in any way support or represent NetDocuments, and if you would like to learn more about the email you received, or to adjust the settings that control it, please reach out to NetDocuments directly.

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