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18.23. Symphony OCR and SharePoint Integration

These are some of the frequently asked questions with regards to how Symphony OCR works with SharePoint:

Does Symphony OCR integrate with OneDrive?

Symphony OCR supports OneDrive for Business (SharePoint Online) not personal OneDrive accounts.

Where does Symphony OCR run?

Symphony OCR integrates with your Office365 SharePoint tenant.  It does not actually run on the Office365 cloud, but runs on a workstation and integrates with SharePoint directly.

Can Symphony OCR be scheduled to run?

Symphony OCR has a scheduler component which is incorporated in the software.  You can determine which days of the week and what times of the days that it will run.  The OCR process is CPU intensive.  Data transfer accounts for approximately 3% of the processing time for a given document.  A fast server typically sees around 2-3 seconds per page throughput, workstation class operating systems are approximately twice that (4-6 seconds per page throughput).  This is very dependent on hardware and network speeds.

How does licensing work?

The Symphony OCR license must be greater than or equal to the SharePoint user count.  To determine your user count:

  • Log into SharePoint as an admin user
  • Paste the following into your browser replacing "yourcompany" with your SharePoint site at the beginning:
  • This will return xml information
  • Do a text search for 'd:RowCount' (don't include the quotes), you will find something like this:
    <d:RowCount m:type="Edm.Int32">10</d:RowCount>
    The number of users is "10"
  • To find each of the users, you can search through the same xml file for '<d:Key>AccountName</d:Key>' (don't include the quotes)

<d:element m:type="SP.KeyValue">

In the above example, the username is kevin@trumpetinc.onmicrosoft.com

If you add an additional user, Symphony OCR will send the person you indicate in the Notification center an email notification indicating you have exceeded your license count.   Symphony OCR will continue to process during a 10-day grace period to allow the software to continue running and ensure you can order additional users for Symphony OCR.

How to adjust your Sharepoint Tenant:

If you need to adjust your SharePoint Tenant, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Shut down the SOCR Service
  2. Open the Settings.xml file located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Trumpet\SymphonyOCR\config using Notepad
  3. Find the section entitled <sharePointConnectionManager
  4. Delete that section from the "realm" through to the existing Sharepoint URL
  5. Save the settings.xml file
  6. Relaunch Symphony OCR and start the service
  7. Re-establish the connection to the new tenant

Modified Dates

The Sharepoint API calls do not allow Symphony OCR to preserve the modified date of files.  Therefore, when Symphony OCR processes a document, the modified date will be adjusted to the date the document was processed by Symphony OCR.


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