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3.12. What does Save Versions do?

Save Versions

For a video describing these settings see:  SignatureBridge Settings

When the Save Versions is enabled it means that SignatureBridge will save the completed/signed copy of the original document, in PDF format, as a new version of the original document that was sent to DocuSign.

So if you send a single Word document for signature then the final, signed, copy will check back in to NetDocuments as a new version and it will be in PDF version. This PDF document will become the new official version for that file.

*This will NOT capture any documents that were uploaded manually into the Envelope from your desktop or network.

If you send multiple documents from NetDocuments into a single Envelope, then any document containing a signature field in the Envelope will receive a new version once the full Envelope is signed. Each document will receive it's own version, which contains only that documents and it's signatures. It will not contain the other documents in the Envelope.

The Signature Certificate generated by DocuSign will be attached to the PDF via NetDocuments "Attachments".

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