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3.3. What is a SignatureBridge Background Sync User and How To Change

The SignatureBridge Background Sync User (aka sync user) is the person whose DocuSign credentials/account SignatureBridge uses to access and sync your company's Envelopes.Yes, this means ALL envelopes regardless of if they were sent by the sync user. This means that is the sync user's DocuSign password changes (as an example) then they must log into SignatureBridge at some point to refresh the connection in order to ensure the background syncing continues to function. If this does happen to occur, then the sync user should receive an email notification reminding them to do so.

If you need to reset your connection as the background sync user then go to https://signaturebridge.trumpetinc.com/welcome to log in.

How to Change the Background Sync User

Note that the Background Sync User must be a DocuSign Admin. Any other user with DocuSign Admin privileges may sign in to SignatureBridge, go to Account Info and click the button to the right of the sync user's name to change the sync user over to them.

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