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7.6. Install to multiple workstation using silent install options

If you are installing Virtuoso to many workstations, and use a deployment management solution (e.g. PDQ), you can run Virtuoso in "silent mode".


To install Virtuoso using a silent mode installer, use the following command line switches:

  • /S - case sensitive - indicates that the installer should be "silent" (not prompt for any settings)
  • /nethome="\\some\path\to\Virtuoso"  - specifies the network home directory of Virtuoso - be sure to use UNC paths.
  • /startVirtuosoOnLogin  - if specified, the installer will add Virtuoso to the workstation's Startup applications.  This behavior is disabled for silent installs if you don't specify this flag

For example:

VirtuosoWorkstationInstall-x.y.z.exe /S /nethome="\\my server\my software\Virtuoso"


VirtuosoWorkstationInstall-x.y.z.exe /S /nethome="\\my server\my software\Virtuoso" /startVirtuosoOnLogin




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