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7.5. Installing Virtuoso using install scripts

The Virtuoso Workstation installer can be executed with a /S (that's a capital "S" - case is important).  This will cause the install to happen in silent mode (so that user intervention isn't required).

It is imperative that the command be launched from the network home location for Virtuoso\Mirror, so you should not place a copy of the installer elsewhere on the network.

Note: the installer does require elevation, so if you are running the installer in silent mode, you will need to do that from an elevated process.


The following command line arguments can be used to control the behavior of the installer:

/S - perform the installation in Silent Mode (no user interface prompts).  This flag is case sensitive, so be sure to use a capital S.

/startVirtuosoOnLogin - adds the Virtuoso Workstation shortcut to the All Users Startup folder

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