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10.22. Worldox Autofiler fails with "Call failed to WDAPI_RenameFile" error


User is attempting to auto-file documents from a network UNC path (a path that starts \\SERVERNAME\LOCATION) instead of a mapped network drive letter.  That UNC path isn't known to Worldox (see below for an explanation of what "Known to Worldox" means).

Under these conditions, Worldox refuses the request to file the document, and Worldox Auto-Filer enters a retry loop.

UNC Paths Known to Worldox

Worldox will consider a UNC path as safe to file to under the following conditions:

  1. The UNC path is part of a Worldox cabinet definition
  2. The UNC path is mapped to a network drive letter on the user's workstation
  3. The UNC path is configured as an allowed folder in Worldox group security (see Resolution below for steps to do this)


The fix is to add the UNC path to Worldox's group security using the following procedure:

  • Launch WDAdmin
  • Security > Groups
  • Choose the Paths\Folders radio button
  • Click "Add"
  • Enter the UNC share name (e.g. \\MyServer\SomeShareName), then click "Add"
  • In the second column, make sure the (Everyone) group has a green "+" next to it (this is the default behavior, so it should be fine as-is)
  • Click "Save Security"
  • Relaunch Worldox so the workstation receives the updated security configuration
  • Run the WD Auto-Filer again, and it should work properly
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