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19.10. Compact, repair or reset the Symphony OCR database


If the internal Symphony OCR database becomes corrupted, the system will throw all sorts of interesting errors. This sort of problem should not be happening very much, so if you see it multiple times, be sure to request support. If you are directed by Trumpet support to either repair, reset or compact the database, here's how to do it:



If the Symphony OCR database becomes corrupted, a 'Compact' operation will often repair the damage - here's how:

  1. Click the Debug Link (Advanced Link in older versions)
  2. Click the Compact Database Link
  3. Wait for the rebuild to finish (you will have to click refresh to update the Task list)


In some cases, a Symphony OCR will be so damaged that a full reset will be necessary - here's how:

  1. Close/Stop Symphony OCR application/service
  2. Navigate to the databases folder inside the Symphony OCR folder (typically located at c:\Program files\Trumpet\SymphonyOCR - but it could also be under a folder called Maestro on older installations)
  3. Rename the documents.db and documents.lg files
  4. Launch Symphony OCR
  5. Symphony OCR will now re-build the entire database by looking at each document in Worldox - this can take a little while.  Note:  the system isn't re-OCRing any documents that have already been OCRed.
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