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7.4. Configure Virtuoso to Work With Microsoft Dynamics

There is one additional step to configuring Virtuoso to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Note that this does not apply for Tamarac's Advisor CRM users.

Virtuoso has to "find" the current contact record that a user is on in Microsoft Dynamics.  Because a user could have multiple Internet Explorer browser windows open, Virtuoso has to know which window to look in to read the contact record.  Here are instructions for assigning this window:

  • Right-click on the Virtuoso icon in your System Tray and select "Settings"
  • In the Virtuoso Settings window, select the Contact Management tab
  • After selecting Microsoft Dynamics as the Contact Management Software, select "Settings"
  • Navigate to Microsoft Dynamics in Internet Explorer, and copy and paste the URL into the URL Pattern field
    (NOTE: this URL is unique for each firm, so do not simply use what is displayed here)
  • Click "OK"
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