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4.10. No Reservation: Reservation already fulfilled/Documents were scanned multiple times

Important: Before using the steps in this article, please see the No Reservation Status Message on Scanned Document article for general troubleshooting related to the No Reservation status.


Scans appear with status 'No Reservation'.  Further, Help->Research shows that a reservation was made, the scan was performed, the reservation was fulfilled, then later the scan was performed again.  Here is an example of the research report showing this situation (for reservation FATT7):

02/01/13@12:47:45 :: Michelle_history.log :: - Michelle,FATT7,W:\zzzzz\ISL11\AL14193\00546990.XPF,COVER
02/01/13@15:29:08 :: split.log :: Z:\20130201151514.pdf,[7HCYN,YEY39,KYWKJ,P3XWX,939T9,4APEM,FATT7]
02/01/13@15:29:20 :: fulfilledreservations.log ::  FATT7, Michelle, W:\zzzzz\ISL11\AL14193\00546990.pdf
02/01/13@16:41:38 :: split.log :: Z:\20130201162822.pdf,[939T9,4APEM,FATT7]

Note that the user (Michelle) created the reservation, the document was scanned and split at 15:29:08.  The reservation was fulfilled at 15:29:20.  Then the same document was scanned a second time at 16:41:38.  This second scan was performed *after* the original reservation had already been fulfilled.


In some cases (like a paper jam during scanning), users may have a need to scan a document a second time.  If a document is re-scanned within an hour of the first scan, Symphony will detect this situation and file the second scan as a new version of the original reservation.  If the second scan is performed more than an hour after the first scan, then Symphony treats this as an error condition.

Preventing this problem

Users should be trained to NOT scan documents more than once (unless there was a paper jam issue during scanning).  Firms should establish a scanning workflow that removes covers as soon as documents are scanned (or otherwise keeps proper track of which documents have already been scanned).


If you have documents that have been scanned multiple times, the immediate fix is as follows:

  1. Use Help->Research report will give you the doc id of the original reservation - open this PDF
  2. Double click on the problem scan in the upper right quadrant - this will open Windows Explorer to the Splits folder with the document selected
  3. Open the document from the Splits folder
  4. Confirm that the scan in Worldox is the same as the scan in the Splits folder - if so, there is no need to re-save it to Worldox
  5. In Windows Explorer, delete the document from the Scans folder
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