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4.8. No Reservation: Documents were scanned without first making reservations

Important: Before using the steps in this article, please see the No Reservation Status Message on Scanned Document article for general troubleshooting related to the No Reservation status.


Scans appear in the input folder with Status 'No Reservation', and there isn't a corresponding reservation in the Unfulfilled Reservations list.  Further, a Help->Research report on the reservation ID shows that the reservation was not created before the scan was performed.


If the document and cover page were scanned without first creating a reservation, the scanned file will appear in the Scanned Files list, but Symphony will be unable to fulfill the reservation (because no reservation was actually created).

This may sound like a very odd situation, but it's something that we do see from time to time, and we emphasize it in training.  Here's what typically happens:

IMPORTANT: The following workflow is wrong

  1. User has a paper they wish to file
  2. User puts cover sheet onto the document
  3. User then gets interrupted (phone call, co-worker dropping by their desk, etc...)
  4. User looks down and thinks that they've already created the reservation and moves the cover and document to the "To Scan" stack

IMPORTANT: The preceding workflow is wrong

Preventing this problem

Users should be trained to NOT put the cover onto the document until after they have created the reservation.  Firms that emphasize this workflow never have the problem described in this article.  So the correct workflow is:

  1. User has a paper they wish to file
  2. User creates a reservation
  3. User puts the cover onto the document, then puts the document+cover onto the "To Scan" stack

Resolution for Worldox Professional Users

If you have documents that have been scanned without reservations, the immediate fix is as follows (steps to be performed from the back-end Symphony Profiler Processor):

  1. Double click on the problem scan in the upper right quadrant - this will open Windows Explorer to the Splits folder with the problem document selected
  2. Open the document and confirm that you definitely don't have a pending reservation for it
  3. Save the document to Worldox manually
  4. In Windows Explorer, delete the document from the Splits folder

Resolution for Worldox Cloud Users

See article found here:  Symphony Shortcuts in Worldox to access the Symphony Input and Symphony Splits folders.

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