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4.7. No Reservation message on scanned document


If Symphony is unable to find a matching reservation for a scanned document, it will display the message "No Reservation" next to the scanned document.  In older versions of Symphony Profiler (pre, this message can also be displayed while Symphony is analyzing and splitting other scans that have been submitted.

Note: If your version of Symphony Profiler is prior to and Symphony is still analyzing and splitting other scanned documents, the "No Reservation" message may appear until Symphony finishes analyzing and splitting scans that have been submitted - wait until Symphony completely finishes analysis of all input files before worrying about this message.

Note: This issue can also happen if Symphony Profiler Processor is unable to locate the reservation files in Worldox - please make sure that the reservation in question doesn't already exist in Worldox, and that Symphony has full access to the location in Worldox that contains the reservation.  If in doubt, ask the user to check their reservation history using the procedure described in the Checking on a Reservation article


The No Reservation status message can be caused be several scenarios - here are links to resources that describe and provide resolution for each:


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