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6.6. Document for reservation ##### (00012345.XPF) can not be written to - it will not be fulfilled


Symphony Profiler Processor displays this text in the "History" quadrant (lower right quandrant)


This typically means that the user that Symphony Profiler Processor is running as (typically the 000000 user) does not have permissions to write to the file (in other words, replace the .xpf file with the corresponding scanned pdf file).  This is typically due to a user setting custom security when filing the reservations and not including the 000000 user in the security settings to allow full control.


Edit the security of the .xpf file to allow the 000000 permissions to write to the file, or remove security until the reservations have been fulfilled.

Note:  You may wish to take advantage of Worldox's Ethical Walls or File Level Security Classfications in order to ensure that the Symphony Profiler User has the required access.  Please visit:  Configuring Worldox Security Classifications so Reservations can be Secured for more information.

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