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4.6. Page count X not Y message on unprocessed input file


This status will appear if the document scanned does not have the number of pages specified when the reservation was created. 

Important: Normally, we strongly discourage users from using the 'Page Count' feature when creating reservations (it is much better to purchase a scanner that has double page feed detection).


If the number of pages scanned is correct and the number of pages in the reservation is incorrect, double click the reservation to open it, change the number of pages, then click OK.  See the following article:  Editing a Reservation for more details.

If the number of pages scanned is incorrect, open the scanned document (you can double click on the file in the input files list in Symphony Profiler Processor to quickly get to the file), delete or add pages as needed, then save the PDF, or delete the file and re-scan.

After you make changes, Symphony Profiler Processor should fulfill the reservations within 30 seconds.

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