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2.6. System Condition

Symphony OCR is a back-end processing engine. This means that very little user interaction is required, but as an administrator, you may wish to check on the status of the software.

For additional suggestions on monitoring Symphony OCR, visit Ongoing Care & Feeding.

Symphony OCR has three system status settings

  • OK (green) - System is running with no errors or warnings
  • Warn (orange) - System has warnings.  Possible causes could be:
    • There are documents in the "Needs Attention" list (Refer to the section, Not Processed Lists, for additional information)
    • The Analyzer or Processor is not running
    • There are configuration problems in the non-critical sub-systems, such as the Heartbeat system
  • Error (red) - System is not running.  Possible causes could be:
    • The Symphony OCR license has expired or is not valid
    • The Worldox Indexer application is not running
    • The Finder, Analyzer or Processor has errors
    • The annual page count limitation has been reached (please contact Trumpet, Inc. (support@trumpetinc.com) for information on increasing the page count license)


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