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2.5. Checking the Details of a Document

Checking the Details of a Document

There are two methods for looking up the details of a particular document:

Lookup By Path  Enter the full path of the document and click "Query" (See also:  Checking the Status of a Document).

Document Lists
  Simply select the document in any of the document lists and this will open a details page.

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Interpreting the Details of a Document

Once on the details page, the user can perform these functions:

Refresh  Provides the most current details of a document.

  Opens the file.

Delete detail
  Deletes the details for the document.

  Re-analyzes the document (if it has been unable to be processed) and attempts to process the document again.

Purge Backups
  Deletes any copies of the file that Symphony has saved.

There are also various bits of data or history showing what's been found on the file, and what's been done to it. For example, the "History" section shows all of the events logged for that file.

Note: If you delete the details of this document, it will delete this history and start from scratch. The "Page Analysis Details (before processing)" indicates how many words per page were found within the file BEFORE Symphony OCRed it. Visible words are computer-readable words (like digital headers or footers, or text generated by Word, etc). Hidden (aka invisible) words would be words applied by something like Symphony OCR. Note that these numbers are PRE-processing and they do not update after Symphony OCRs the file.

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