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2.7. Status Notification Emails

Depending on how Symphony OCR Notifications are configured, Status Notifications may be sent to you nightly, when there are errors, or when there are warnings.  See Notifications for how to set this up / edit the notification frequency.

The email notification will look and feel very similar to the Summary Page but without the large graph.

You can utilize the buttons in the Notifications to manage Symphony OCR providing that you have network connectivity to the Symphony OCR servers.

If you're not on the same network as Symphony OCR then you can't use the buttons, but the data presented can still give you a quick glance at its progress.

System Statistics tells you how many files are in the Analyzer or OCRing backlog, and how long it estimates it will take to complete those backlogs.

Document Lists give you the itemized numbers of documents found that were Processed or Not Processed. Read the article titled "Symphony OCR Workflow, Tools & Document Lists" for more information on those lists.

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