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7.2. Research a Reservation

From time to time, you may wish to do further research on a particular reservation ID to determine how it has been used and fulfilled through Symphony Profiler.

You can research a particular reservation ID via the Symphony Profiler Processor.

  • Go to Help > Research
  • When the Input windows opens, simply enter the reservation ID you wish to research
  • Select OK
  • Symphony Profiler will search through the various logs to provide you with a summary of the log entries for that particular reservation ID

Here's an example:

Here is some helpful information for understanding the information presented to you in this file:

The first portion of the entry is the date and time of the event:

Note: Time is viewed in military time formatting

The next portion of the entry is the log from which the entry is found:

For example, the first line entry on 3/30/12@10:26:01 is from the Split.log file and the second entry is from the fulfilledreservations.log file

Finally, the last portion of the entry includes the information found at that date and time in that particular log file that matches that reservation ID:

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