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7.3. Moving Symphony Profiler Processor to New Hardware

If the machine that S-Pro Processor is currently running on needs to be replaced, follow these steps to set Processor up on a different PC or VM:


  • On the new workstation, launch Worldox in mirrored mode as the user you intend to have Symphony Profiler Processor run as (e.g., 000000) to ensure that Worldox has fully initialized that user code on this workstation (Note: Worldox does not need to remain open for Symphony Profiler Processor to run - it simply needs to be launched once)

Migration Procedure

  1. From the new workstation, navigate to the network Symphony Profiler folder
  2. Navigate to the Server\Updates sub-folder
  3. Run the SymphonyProfilerProcessorSetup installer
  4. From the "Symphony Profiler Processor Setup" window, select "Next"
  5. Leave the default destination folder as is, and select "Next". Note: This installation will be on the local disk of the computer.
  6. Leave the "Start Symphony Profiler Processor" check box checked, and select "Finish"
  7. Click "OK"

Processor will launch with all settings preserved.


Finally, uninstall Processor from the old hardware using Control Panel (see these Uninstallation Instructions for details)

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