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4.1. Deleting Content from last Assembly

You will need to clear the content of your assemblies prior to generating the content for your next reporting cycle.  There are a couple of methods for doing this:

  1. Navigate to the Assembler In directory and delete the contents via the network directory structure.  You will want to ensure that you do not delete the folder directly beneath the Assembler In folder but merely delete the content itself.
  2. Use Assemblage's Delete Files option.
    • In the "Sections" area of Assemblage, select the section in which you wish to delete the contents (reports)
    • Right click and select "Delete Files"

    • Select "Yes" to delete the files:

    • Repeat for each section in which you want to delete the content
      Note:  You will only want use this method for deleting *all* the content for a given section.  If you wish to delete a single file or only a few files, you can do so in the Details Pane.  See more information on this by referencing the following link:  Details Pane

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