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2. Change Log

This article contains details of every change made to Assemblage.  There are also Version Summaries available with highlights of each major release.

2.3.52 -

- Bug fix - FINRA enabled ShareFile accounts refused ShareFile upload attempts in the ShareFiler and ShareFileEmailer tools


- Workaround for ShareFile breaking their API on 2/25/2020 (shift from token to code OAuth request types)

2.3.49 - 

- Move to ShareFileAPI-2.0.5 (change JSON date format in ShareFile API requests)
- Make HTML based login screens load faster

2.3.48 - dev release - 

- Fix issue (introduced by change at ShareFile) where document expiration dates were defaulting to 30 days even when 'Never Expires' was selected - we now hard code an expiration date way in the future.

2.3.47 -

- Remove 'Hide Adobe Button' and force setting to false for all existing configurations

2.3.46 -

- Bug fix - ShareFile Publisher was setting the wrong time zone when setting document expiration dates (resulted in documents expiring several hours before they should have)

2.3.45 -

- In Worldox tools, change references to 'profile group' to 'cabinet'

2.3.44 -

- Added logging output when Send To jobs complete in any of the tools

2.3.34 - dev release

- Bug fix - DataBind exception when launching Assemblage with expired license (Java 11 compatibility issue)

2.3.33 - dev release

- Moved to JRE 11 (and Trumpet private Java runtime)
- Updated InstallJava to download from Trumpet's site and to check for version 11 or higher
- Updated the launcher to check Java version against Trumpet's private java runtime

2.3.31 -

- Possible Bug fix - ShareFile users using 'Log in with my company credentials' were seeing "Our site does not support Internet Explorer..." error message

2.3.30 -

- Added aggregateextractor with MAX and MIN types (returns the max or min item returned by the linked extractor)

2.3.27 -

- Added skip(#) to CSV and XLS tranlator query spec. Adding ;skip(3) to the 4th part of the XLS query string, or the 3rd part of the CSV query string, will cause 3 rows to be skipped. Any integer may be specified. If skip(#) is not specified, the default is 0 (i.e. skip no rows)

2.3.24 -

- Bug fix - Java bug (in Java 1.8u161 and 1.8u171 - https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8196011) causes application crash when logging into NetDocuments or ShareFile - fix is to force insatlling 1.8u172 or higher
- When Assemblage launches, if it detects that the installed JRE is version 1.8.0_161 or 1.8.0_171, it will launch the Java installer which will download and install 1.8.0_172

2.3.20 -

- ShareFile Emailer now adds mail headers to support SMARSH integration

2.3.19 -

- Bug fix - one site was experiencing out of memory errors during assembling (caused by memory management of stamps)

2.3.18 -

- Updated the version check url to be https to work with the new version update https redirection

2.3.16 -

- Made From email address in the Emailer tool optional. MAPI doesn't require it (though SMTP does), and sometimes explicitly setting it causes MAPI emails to be rejected by the server

2.3.15 -

* The new "From" fields in Sharefile Emailer are not available for MAPI emailing as well
- tpt75829 Fixed bug that indicated a missing From address when MAPI emailing is configured
- Made the Sharefile Emailer "From" fields available for MAPI emailing
- The new "From" field, if enabled (not using the default) is a required field
- If MAPI is configured, the Sharefile Emailer won't show the configured email address in the UI
- Modified SendStrategy to have two new methods, for determining if a custom default from address is supported,
and to retrieve the default from address
- Refactored the "From" field support to remove logic from the SFEmailConfig object, and instead place it
into the presentation model and send entry updater/processor

2.3.14 -

- Modified SFEmailerConfig to store a From address value and a default From address. The default From is reloaded from the stored
preferences each time the config is loaded. (tpt75493)
- Modified the SFEmailerSendEntry object to hold the request From address (default or configured).
- Modified the SFEmailerSendEntryUpdater and ProcessorFactory to use the From address to configure the email sender, if it's not MAPI, with the from address
- Added JCheckBox support to ComponentFactory
- Added bindComponentDisabled() to PresentationModelViewBindingBuilder to allow for components to be disabled from bound properties
- Ensured PDFPrintHandler.exe was packaged with the installer (tpt75829)

2.3.13 -

- Minor code refactoring to Custom Tag editor

2.3.12 -

- Minor changes to refresh error handling to ensure we aren't swallowing errors
- Minor code changes per code review: Tag dialog view layout and string injection, instance type check, etc.

2.3.11 -

- Refactored SourcePath to FolderContentProvider and made it implement ContentProvider
- Created TranslatorContentProvider to provide required files to be translated from a file
- Modified MatchJobPersistentContentHelper to add support for new ContentProviders section, including
support for the new TranslatorContentProvider source
- SourcePath section in WDA is now legacy, and shouldn't be used moving forward. Use ContentProviders instead
- Modified PdfFileContent to have a tag error if the file doesn't exist
- Modified FolderBasedSection to work with ContentProviders rather than SourcePath objects (to support multiple provider types)

2.3.10 - dev release

- Added support for making logical page numbering used in TOC display be equal to the physical page numbering of the resulting PDF (use <toc resetLogicalPageNumberingAfter="y" ...> when defining the TOC)

2.3.9 -

- Modified Custom Tag editor to have same button look-and-feel as other dialogs in Assemblage
- Created ContentProvider interface for common content methods - extracted common methods from SourcePath
- Added JRadioButton support to the PresentationModelViewBindingBuilder

2.3.8 - dev release

- Refactored the Custom Tag dialog into its own class, CustomTagEditor, and made it use the MVC architecture
- Added the ability to tag or clear a tag for multiple assemblies at one time
- Created a DynamicMenuItem for use by the MenuBuilder class, to give better support for dynamic menus and their features
- Centered Custom Tag dialog over the parent frame

2.3.7 - dev release

- Added CustomTag and CustomTags to support the new custom tagging feature
- Modified MatchJobPersistentConfigHelper to load custom tags for an assembly when the config is loaded
- Created a LockingStorage class that will read and write a file, but ensure an exclusive lock first
- Added a LockingKVFileStore class for reading and writing to kv (key/value)(currently csv) files
- Added a LockingKVFileTranslator class for reading a kv file for use by extractors
- Added "kv" as a new translator provider type
- Added getCustomTags() to Section
- Updated AbstractSection to be able to add and get custom tags
- Added a CustomTagAwareSection interface for use by the sections
- Made the AbstractSection store custom tags. Added a method to refresh the metadata for a section programmatically
- Modified MigrationHelper to set custom tags in the assembly sections upon creation
- Modified CompositePresentationModel to set the custom tags into the AssemblyListPresentationModel and update them with changes upon refresh
- Modified the AssemblyListPresentationModel to track custom tags, create actions for them, and display the Custom Tag dialog for a tag and
selected assemblies when an action is triggered
- Modified AssemblyListView to provide a pull right Custom Tags menu on the assembly popup menu


- Bug fix - Some MAPI systems were hanging when ShareFile Emailer attempted to set an explicit From email address


- Fixed status text in email testing that erroneously said test was being done via SMTP server when MAPI was actually being used (this was just a minor UI issue)

2.3.3 -

- Added support for patterns in stampPath and rotatedStampPath - the pattern is evaluated against the section ID where the stamp is defined

2.2.161 -

- Ensured the Configuration Chooser dialog closes after the user selects a file from the file chooser dialog
- Set a default minimum size for the Configuration Chooser to prevent previous stored sizes from making the buttons unreadable
- Added the log viewer and log location menu items to Assemblage application and the Scripter tool
- Added Preference dialog support to the Scripter tool
- Resolved several missing menu item text strings in Assemblage
- Modified GUIFramework::PersistentConfigActionProvider to track whether the file chooser was canceled or not

2.2.160 -

- Bug fix - SQL Server connections fail under Java 8 when ssl=required is added to connection string

2.2.158, 2.2.159

Adjust cache time out for map translators

2.2.157 -

- Bug fix - stamp suppression didn't work on pages inserted using forceLastPageEven or forceFirstPageOdd (the stamps are applied to those blank pages)

2.2.156 -

- Added compatibility with Adobe Reader DC 2017.XXXXX

2.2.155 -

- Bug fix - row2 syntax added in 2.2.154 was sometimes returning an extra .0 (acting as if it were a 'row' function instead of 'row2')

2.2.154 -

- added support for 'row2' syntax in extractor expression language

2.2.153 -

- Bug fix - Table of Content content not being included for TOC entries defined in sub-WDA files
- Bug fix - Table of Content section empty if TOC was included in a sub-WDA file
-Fixed bug in the Splitter that caused a NullPointerException when the Remove Spaces checkbox is enabled.
- Added ability to switch between secure.sharefile.com and secure.securevdr.com servers for ShareFile authentication (use Preferences->ShareFile to switch between them)

2.2.149 -

- Bug fix - when configuring printer settings, the settings weren't sticking

2.2.148 -

- Bug fix - java.lang.StackOverflowError when using AxysItemVariableLookupExtractor on an Axys group that contains itself

2.2.147 -

- Fixing up some old unit tests that weren't behaving
- Modified the PatternProcessor to look for <<text>> in the provided text, and throw an error if found

2.2.146 -

- Bug fix - Java runtime 8u102 and above resulted in HTML editors (in the Emailer and ShareFile Emailer tools) to not function properly
- If Assemblage is being run against Java 8u102 or later, it will have to be upgraded to version 2.2.146 or newer to run either emailer.


2.2.145 -

- Regression Bug fix - changes in 2.2.143 could result in TOC content not appearing in assemblies where the toccontrol came before the TOC section in the assembly

2.2.143 -

- Bug fix - TOC label issues were being reported even if TOC section wasn't present in assembly

2.2.142 -

- Added support for TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 SSL transport for web services interaction

2.2.141 -

- Updated ShareFileAPI.jar to v0.0.18

2.2.138 -

- Added tool tip text to the "Export without Clear" checkbox in PDF Splitter, to help the user understand the meaning
- Modified the Send "all" button in the various tools to be "Send All [item]", in order to help make the functionality clear
- Added a "Copy to clipboard" menu item to the Print Jobs table in the Print Job Manager
- Added a "Copy to clipboard" menu item to the Issues table in Assemblage
- Added the Assemblage icon to the Unzipper frame
2.2.137 -

- Added the ability to test a database connection in the Preferences dialog
- Added the ability to test a Salesforce connection in the Preferences dialog

2.2.134 -

- Issues are no longer generated if a section is conditionally suppressed (if either enabledForAssemblyIdPattern or includedForAssemblyIdPattern returns 'N')


- Added XLSX output mode to APXRunner (latest version of APX generates XLSX files, so configurations need to use XLSX instead of XLS for output mode)


- Installer now prevents installation to special system folders (Program Files, Windows, System32, Desktop)
- Removed the uninstaller - uninstallation should be done by manually deleting the application folder


- Added unit testing for AssemblageTempFolderManager


- Added drag and drop support for extracting zip files into the tools

- Added keyup change listening to the email body of the Emailer and Sharefile Emailer tools, to ensure that changes are
    stored to the config immediately.

- Modified the width of the email service config port text field, so it shows all digits completely
- Upgraded the file drag and drop for tools, to track the number of failed file adds, and also still add files that
    are valid (which wasn't happening previously.) If any files fail, an message is displayed indicating how many.
- Moved the extractor refresh routine to occur on a cancellable background thread, thus dramatically speeding up
    extraction configuration.

- Changed text for the table copy to clipboard menu item to read "Copy to clipboard" for all tables/tree tables
- Modified the error message when email is not configured to actually point the user to the configuration screen.
- Fixed some border appearance issues with the "Publish to" field as a result of the overlay fix
- In Assemblage, fixed issues with improperly configured bookmarks and TOC settings. If values are missing, a
    human readable error message is displayed if the assemblage is prepared.
- Added additional validation to TOC and bookmark configurations in assemblages. Errors are now displayed as
    issues, so they can be properly addressed if desired.
- Added a static extractor called "sharefile.attachments" to Sharefile Emailer, which allows for placing the
    attachment block anywhere within the body of the email.
- Modified Sharefile Emailer to allow attachment block to be placed anywhere in the body of the email text


- Fixed text overlay issue in Sharefile Publisher "Publish to" text field caused by new L&F by modifying the new border
    given to the text component

- Added the ability to turn off the expiration date for Sharefile Emailer, as not all users have permissions to set the date


- Fixed bug in Emailer, where special characters were being replaced with "?" in the received email.
- Updated TrumpetEmailSender to v1.0.23


- Fixed issue with Printers card in Preferences, where the table wasn't stretching when the split pane was expanded
- Added an "Export without clear" checkbox to the PDF Splitter. The setting is saved with the config. If checked, Send
    will Export without clear, so the user doesn't need to remember to use that menu item.
- Fixed some layout sizing issues with the results panel of the PDF Splitter
- Added Copy selected rows support to most of the table/trees in Assemblage and the tools
- Made the copied text from the tables/trees match the text visible in them


- Modified the @path command line argument to extract file contents of a folder and subfolders
- Added two new command line arguments, that allow tools to attempt to autorun. In other words, to auto-send
    files configured on the command line. Using /autorun will show the gui still, and /autorunandclose will
    run without a gui and will close the app upon success (and show on failure.) Requires that a
    config file and one or more valid files have been designated on the command line, and that the tool
    has a persisted login authorization. Any error will result in the tool being displayed. No errors results
    in the file(s) being sent to the associated service.
- Configured Sharefiler Publisher to use the new autorun capabilities   
- Added /help or -help as a standalone command line argument, which will print the valid command line argument
    instructions to the console.
- Increased the default height of the Printers table in the Printer configuration within Preferences.
- Modified the Look-and-Feel for the app, adding the Trumpet colors, and giving a more modern look to the app and tools.
- Added Calibri and Segoe UI as available fonts to the emailer interface.
- Enabled the View in Explorer and Preview context menu items in the tools only when a single row is selected.
- Added a 'selected items' count label above the table, which shows the number of items selected in the table
- Added a "Send Selected Files" button to the left of the "Send Files" button in ShareFile Publisher, which sends only the selected files to the service.
    The "Send Files" button now sends ALL files, even if some are selected.
- Added 'Selected Assemblies' count label above the Assemblies table, which shows the number of item selected in the table.
- Added 'Selected Jobs' and 'Jobs' count labels above the Print Jobs table in the Print Job Manager.
- Added a right-click Remove Selected Jobs popup menu to Print Job Manager, to remove selected print jobs from the table.
- Disabled the Start Printing button when no jobs exist in the print jobs table in Print Job Manager.


- Modified WealthAccesser to persist credentials, so login isn't necessary when valid credentials exist
- Disabled the 'Remove item(s)' right-click menu item in Tool tables when no rows are selected
- Added 'Copy selected item(s)' right-click menu item to Tool tables, enabled when rows are selected

- Improved Emailer error message displayed when no emailer service is configured and user attempts to send emails.
- Improved Sharefile Publisher send error messages to state if a send fail is due to an upload failure or expiration date update failure.
- Added the ability to delete multiple extractors at once.
- Added the ability to drag and drop a folder onto Publisher (and any other tools with base file functionality), and have
    all child files of the folder added to the list of files to process.
- Added Explore Database to the Tools/Development Tools menu in the tool apps
- Modified the Database Explorer window to show any configured connections, as well as recent URLs
- Made the buttons on the Preferences/Database connections window selection sensitive, and made the Remove button work with all selected rows.
- Added a Remove button to the Licenses window in the Preferences dialog

- Improved error message from config queries to be human readable and give good pointers to problem source

2.2.118 -

- Added forceLastPageEven to <section> or <subassembly> elements

2.2.117 -

- Added interleaveBlankPages setting to <section> element of WDA files - if "y", a blank page is inserted after every page in the underlying content (if the source PDF is 3 pages, this will cause 6 pages to be added P1, Blank, P2, Blank, P3, Blank).  Useful if the PDF must be sent elsewhere for printing and we need to ensure that some content doesn't get printed double sided.

2.2.115 -

- Bug fix - Share File publisher tool Publish To path wasn't updating when changes were made to the "Warn if folder does not exist" Folder value

2.2.114 -

- Added support for fontColor in style element, and color in the separator element.  Colors are specified in #rrggbb notation (e.g. #aabbcc)

2.2.113 -

- Bug fix - For sites using SalesForce integration, dragging files to Publisher results in no action when SalesForce credentials are incorrect.

2.2.112 -

- Bug fix - NetDocuments AutoFiler - date fields were not being set properly (undocumented NetDocs API change) - dates should be specified in m/d/yyyy format
- NetDocs Autofiler now validates required fields

2.2.110 -

- Improved error handling in WealthAccess Publisher when logon is no longer valid (error message mistakenly reference ShareFile)

2.2.109 -

- Bug fix - PDFSplitter - Some PDFs resulted in 'Could not find image data or EI' error message

2.2.107 -

- Added concatenateextractor (takes multiple items returned by a linked extractor and concatenates them together, along with a configurable separator) into a single string
- Bug fix - Spitter extractor dialog fails


2.2.107 -

- Added concatenateextractor (takes multiple items returned by a linked extractor and concatenates them together, along with a configurable separator) into a single string
- Bug fix - Spitter extractor dialog fails

2.2.97 -

- Bug fix - the shortcut created in 2.2.96 had invalid command line switch

2.2.96 -

- Installer now creates a tools\Axys Scripter (elevated) shortcut that can be used to run Axys reports on systems that require Axys to run elevated

2.2.95 -

- Added 'Advanced Extractor' creation and editing to all tools - this allows for creation of extractors of any type, same as the entries beneath the <extractors> element of the WDA file
  For example, setting the following XML configuration will result in the extractor behaving like a replacetextextractor:
    replaceWith="" />
- Clicking 'Add' on the extractor list now presents an intermediate dialog asking if the user wants to create a Regular or Advanced extractor

2.2.94 -

- Re-added TLS+SSL authentication type to Email configuration

2.2.93 -

- Bug fix - Assemblage fails to launch if automated license check has errors.  We now log failures silently.

2.2.92 - 

- roll back 2.2.91 changes (they didn't help)
- Added Explore button next to Add/Edit/Remove in Database Connections Preferences screen


- Changed database based translator to use prepared statement execution (attempting to get EXEC statements in SQL to run)

2.2.90 -

- Added a retry loop when we encounter DMLERR errors during printing - we saw transient errors like this in environments that use remotely mapped printers (e.g. ExternalIT)

2.2.89 -

- Bug fix - system behaved as if there was a new license discovered, even though the license was the same

2.2.88 -

- On launch, any licenses that are invalid, expired or about to expire (expires in next 30 days), will be automatically updated through a web service call to Trumpet's license servers

2.2.87 -
- Fixed bug in which cc'd email recipients were seeing emails as low priority when MAPI was in effect.
- Using v1.0.21 of Trumpet email sender API 

2.2.86 -

- Added TLS+SSL authentication type to Email configuration

2.2.84 -

- Adjust SF Emailer layout to remove Attachments heading

2.2.83 -
- Bug fix - MAPI sender name string may now be set by using the <> syntax when setting the "from" address (which is part of the SMTP settings).
  This fix gives customers flexibility in how they set this (optional) setting.
- Updated to use TrumpetEmailSender-1.0.19 which provides the underlying fix.

2.2.82 -

- Bug fix - From address in Emailer tool when sending via Outlook didn't work (emails were being sent 'From' the default Outlook user)
- Updated to TrumpetEmailSender-1.0.18  

2.2.81 -

- Further (temporary) fix to the issue resolved in 2.2.68 - the 2.2.68 fix only fixed the issue for Java 1.8.0_60.  We are now applying that fix for all versions of Java 1.8.*

2.2.80 - 

- Bug fix - Sending emails through Outlook super slow on some systems


- Adjusted how workspace is deployed in the different installer flavors

2.2.78 -

- Bug fix - Errors when running Scritper scripts could cause Scripter to hang (user unable to click Run button to re-start) - this only happens on machines that have been updated to Java 8

2.2.77 -

- Bug fix - 403 errors when sending from Sharefile Emailer tool at sites that have FINRA Archiving enabled.  User can now specify 'Always' for the Attachments will be availabl for setting and the document will publish properly

2.2.76 -

- New splash screens
- More consistency in window title labels, etc... for Trumpet Publisher for * tools

2.2.75 - 

- Bug fix - introduced 2.2.65 - semicolon followed by space/newline at the end of a query specification resulted in 'Unable to refresh cache - unable to interact with database - query must be in the form <sql> or <from spec>;<to spec>;<sql>


2.2.74 -

- Added initial branding for Trumpet Publisher for Wealth Access and Trumpet Publisher for ShareFile distributions
- We now create separate installers for TrumpetPublisher4SFSetup and TrumpetPublisher4WASetup
- Added ability to link to separate help pages for each tool (still need to get help pages created and update links references)


2.2.71 -

Bug fix - /close command line argument leaves an assemblage.exe process behind (this prevents the Assemblage installer from finishing running). This was introduced in 2.2.50 (when we added the splash screen).

2.2.70 -

Bug fix - the change in 2.2.66 resulted in HTML body not loading for firms with slow network connections (i.e. config gets loaded before HTML editor renders)

2.2.68 -

- Issue fix - ShareFile Publisher and Emailer tools display white screen instead of login dialog

2.2.67 -

- Bug fix - When sending emails using SMTP (in Emailer or SF Emailer tools), the To and Bcc addresses were being put on the Cc line

2.2.66 -

- Fix - Emailer and ShareFile Emailer tools not properly displaying the HTML editor on machines running Java 1.8.0_60 (Java bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8134922 )2.2.65 - 

- Adjusted launcher error message if Java isn't detected to explicitly refer to "32 bit" versions of Java
- Bug fixes for jdbc translator not working properly after 2.2.64 changes

2.2.63 -

- Refactored XLSTranslator, CSVTranslator and SalesForceTranslator so they properly handle query strings that have semicolons inside string literals (previous, the following XLS query would have messed up: Sheet1;split(1,';');1 )
- Added ability to specify column expression strings to SQL translators (xlat:db) - you can now specify the full column expressions (like you do with Excel and SalesForce) to specify the from and to column. Column names OR numbers (1, 2, 3) can be used. e.g. 1;2;SELECT Col1, Col2 FROM TABLE or Col1;Col2;SELECT Col1, Col2 FROM TABLE

2.2.60 -

- Adjust ordinalextractor so it places the ordinal at the beginning of the result instead of the end - so the ordinal (0, 1, 2) will be pre-pended to the results of the associated extractorLink. Document 81000 has been updated with this change.

2.2.59 -

- Added Tools->Preferences to Zipper and ClientView Publisher tools
- Added Help->Check for Updates to Zipper and ClientView Publisher tools

2.2.58 -

- Added ordinalextractor - this will append the ordinal value (0, 1, 2) of the results of the associated extractorLink. See documentation for ordinalextractor in 81000 for details.

2.2.57 -

- ClientView Publisher now auto-fixes Junxure database URL connections to use jtds driver (this was the root cause of the issue we fixed in 2.2.56)

2.2.55 -

- Added preliminary support for installing WealthAccess Publisher to Mac OS X
- Added deployment option for Mac installations ([PreRelease-]MacAssemblage-x.y.z.app.zip gets pushed to getresource)
- Added checks for Windows specific libaries/features (database drivers, WDAPI, MAPI) and don't attempt to load them unless we are Windows

2.2.54 -

- ClientView Publisher bug fix - security changes in Junxure database schema caused publishing to fail with 'permission denied' errors


2.2.53 -

- ND Auto Filer - bug fix - Changing configurations didn't change the attribute patterns if the new configuration pointed at the same cabinet as the old configuration
- ND auto filer - ND logon screen now takes the full size of the auto-filer dialog while the user is logging in
- ND Auto filer - bug fix - the 'Folder' value was being populated even if the 'Save to Folder' checkbox was unchecked

2.2.52 -

- Bug fix - email sender would show Java error from SMTP sender if Mail Username wasn't initialized

2.2.51 -

- Added where empty() syntax to line processor (CSV, XLS, SalesForce query string syntax)
- Bug fix - null pointer exception when handling null column values

2.2.50 -

- Added a splash screen to Assemblage (and other tool) launches


2.2.49 -

- Added Wealth Access Publisher Project default configuration to the workspace folder in the installer

2.2.48 -

- ShareFile Publisher - Adjusted UI related to folder validation (added checkbox to enable validation, rearranged fields)

2.2.47 -

- Added support for ASSYONLY license types - this allows launching of the main Assemblage application, but none of the Publisher or AutoFiler tools are enabled

2.2.46 -

- Regression bug - introduced in 2.2.7 when we moved to MIME uploads - Uploading files from disk that happen to have the same filename as previously uploaded files result in the original file receiving a new version, even though the SF filename was different (sorry this is so confusing - it's a super weird and difficult to explain bug on the SF side)

2.2.45 -

- Bug fix - regression - 2.2.44 resulted in errors if CC or BCC fields were empty

2.2.44 -

- Bug fix - SFEmailer and Emailer tool - added support for sending to multiple recipients (comma separated list into the To, CC or BCC fields)

2.2.43 -

- Bug fix - certain email address formats (i.e. Some Name <email@address.com> ) were failing to send

2.2.42 -

- SF Publisher - folder validation logic not working for sub-folders - i.e. \{portal folder}\subfolder

2.2.41 -

- SF Publisher - Add validation logic to prevent publishing folders that end with period

2.2.40 -

- SF Publisher - adjust labels to read 'Validate folder' and 'Publish to'
- SF Publisher - Bug fix - validated folder was failing validation if it was set to /{someextractor} (hard coded folders worked properly)
- SF Publisher - Display the full Publish To path in the grid
- SF Publisher - If pattern for Validate folder or Publish to fails, insert < MISSING > in to the target path column in the grid

2.2.39 -

- Bug fix - the regresssion from 2.2.37 change - if the SF variable contained underscores, the translator failed with error "Unexpected value _"

2.2.38 -

- Adjusting ShareFile Publisher 'portal folder' UI with Dan's idea of displaying the portal folder as an uneditable portion of the target path

2.2.37 -

- SalesForce translators (xlat:sf) now support expression language on the from and to portion of the query string (i.e. same expressions that are already available in XLS and CSV translators)

2.2.36 -

- Emailer tool and SFEmailer tool now shows warnings if To, CC, BCC email addresses have a space at the end of them

2.2.35 -

- Wealth Access Publisher now allows sub-sub folders by using backslashes in sub-folder names
- Wealth Access Publisher now clears the password when user clicks Logout

2.2.34 -

- Wealth Access Publisher now integrates with the production WA system instead of the development system

2.2.33 -

- Added email address validation (look for @ in email address) to SF Emailer tool and Emailer tool (emailer tool now validates bcc and cc as well as from and to)
- Bug fix - ND Auto Filer save to Folder wasn't resolving extractors ({Client} left in the field value)
- Bug fix - ShareFile Publisher throws null pointer exception when partial extractor is provided in Portal Folder field
- Fixed type-o in 'Publisher to' label (s/b Publish to)

2.2.32 -

- Bug fix - if user clicked 'Test' in Printer preferences in the 'Add Preset' dialog without first configuring the preset, a null pointer exception was thrown. In this circumstance, we now just print to the printer without attempting to load any preset.

2.2.31 - 

- Added Unzipper tool to the tools subfolder

2.2.30 - 

- Bug fix - Emailer tool wasn't validating CC and BCC fields
- Fixed up licensing in Wealth Access tool and SF Emailer tool

2.2.29 - 

- Added /unzipper command line argument for launching Unzipper tool

2.2.28 -

- Bug fix - the sub-tool configuration and Send buttons weren't getting grayed out while a send was active
- Enhancement - If the user isn't logged into SF in their web browser, navigating to a ShareFile folder from Assemblage will now display a login screen that will take the user to the correct folder after they log in (in the past, if they weren't logged in already, they were not taken to the folder after logging in)

2.2.27 -

- Changed title bar of Emailer and Publisher tools to be "Emailer for XXXX" and "Publisher for XXXX" (instead of "Assemblage XXXX Publisher", etc...)
- Removed hyphen from "E-mailer" window caption
- Overhaul of refresh logic on all tools - refreshes should be considerably more responsive now
- Added features to Publisher for ShareFile so users can better manage when portal folders don't already exist
- Publisher for ShareFile now has a 'Portal Folder' and a 'Sub-folder & filename' field. Together, these define the target path. The Portal Folder will be validated to make sure it exists already and the user will see warnings if the portal folder doesn't exist
- Added right click menu to create the portal folder and take the user to it (so they can provision it)
- Added 'Drop Files Here' label in file drop zone
- Added tools shortcuts for launching Wealth Access Publisher and SF Emailer 

2.2.25 -

- Allow sending via Outlook even if the Windows default mail client isn't set to Outlook

2.2.24 -

- Added validation message if email attachment doesn't have a file extension (in regular Emailer tool and ShareFile emailer tool)


- Bug fix - scripter could cause problems if backslashes were in manually entered items

2.2.17 -

- Bug fix - Java 1.8.0_45 would crash SF Publisher and SF Emailer after the initial login

2.2.16 -

- Adjusted desktop shortcut creation in ShareFile Sales Team installer (fixed up names, added shortcut for Emailer tool)
- Build script now automatically pushes Trumpet Publisher for ShareFile Sales Team installer to getresource and install.jsp

2.2.15 -

- Bug fix - problems with investor extractor resulted in modal error dialogs

2.2.14 -

- Initial working release of WealthAccess Publisher (Send To menu, or launch via /wealthaccesser command line switch)
- Adjusted ShareFile Publisher and ShareFile Emailer so logon screen is displayed full screen instead of inside the Configuration panel

2.2.12 - 

- Fixed case in which emails sent via Outlook (MAPI) can remain unsent within the Outlook outbox on some platforms or some versions of Outlook when Outlook isn't running at the time the user performs the send.

2.2.11 -

- Bug fix - worldox.lfn extractor was resulting in descriptions prefixed with a superscript 2 in some cases


2.2.10 -

- Added preliminary support for Acrobat DC and Adobe Reader DC (Acrobat/Reader 15)

2.2.9 -

- Initial release with ability to send emails using Outlook (as an optional alternate to using an SMTP mail server)

2.2.8 -

- Updated to leverage new Trumpet email component.
- Replaces prior SMTP code with reliance on the new email API.
- Added support for additional email protocol - MAPI.
- Updated email configuration UI to allow user selection of SMTP or MAPI
- Updated email configuration UI to allow test email to be sent via MAPI
- Added logic for detecting availability of MAPI and restricting configuration options accordingly.

2.2.7 -

- Workaround for ShareFile publishing failing at sites with older versions (2.x) of ShareFile local storage center

2.2.6 -

- Bug fix - tab characters in PDF content caused splitter to fail (issue with Adobe PDF print driver at one site)

2.2.5 -

- ShareFile Emailer tool didn't allow sending to multiple recipients (you can now specify multiple addresses in the To field separated by commas, and it will deliver properly)
- Adjusted the column displays to list the filename and the attachment name - and not display CC and BCC (which aren't currently supported anyway)

2.2.4 -

- Bug fix - ShareFile Emailer tool displayed error about From address, even though there is no place to configure a From address

2.2.3 -

- Bug fix - Expiration date in ShareFile Publisher wasn't sticking
- First iteration of ShareFile Emailer tool is functional

2.2.2 - 

- TOCControl can now allow for mutliple lines in a single TOC entry (use \n to insert newline in the text pattern)

2.2.1 -

- Bug fix - Emailer wasn't able to send through Office 365 SMTP server


2.1.30 -

- Bug fix Publisher was failing to set expiration date if the uploaded filename was different from the filename on disk

2.1.29 -

- Publisher for ShareFile enhancement - added ability to set an expiration duration for published files

2.1.28 -

- Bug fix - Advanced Configuration in the Add Items panel of the Scripter tool fails under Java 8 with error 'ReferenceError: "importPackage" is not defined in <eval> ast line number 1'

2.1.26 -

- Increasing communication timeout with ShareFile (trying to resolve 'Connection timed out' errors)

2.1.24 -

- Default height of SF logon screen for new users is now set so the Login button is visible

2.1.23 -

- Bug fix - 'Not connected to ShareFile' warnings appeared after clicking Logout button

2.1.22 -

- Added 'Remove item(s)' context menu to all tools using the new UI

2.1.21 - 

- ShareFile Publisher now presents users with the ShareFile login screen. During login, users who have accounts with multiple repositories can choose the repository they want to work with.
- ShareFile Publisher added right-click > View in ShareFile menu

2.1.20 -

- Better handling when corrupted configuration files cause unexpected errors - prior behavior was to make a backup of the config file then kill it. This is the same behavior, but we've extended the number of error conditions under which this will happen instead of displaying an error to the user and failing the Assemblage launch)

2.1.19 -

- Improve error logging when sending fails in any of the new tools (now include the ID of what we were sending when the send failed)

Summary 2.1

  • The Emailer Module now has a rich text editor, giving you better control over the look and feel of the emails you send from Assemblage. Customize the formats, font and images in your email.
  • The Scripter tool now allows you to generate Excel files rather than PDF files.  This is a great way to deliver reports to CPAs who wish to upload those files to their tax software.
  • Trumpet Publisher's integration with NetDocuments now allows for one-click filing.
  • Deeper integration points with Java version 8


2.1.18 -

- If there are translator configuration errors, throw exception instead of silently pretending there wasn't a translator2.1.16 - dev release

2.1.13 -

- Added Insert Image button to Emailer tool

2.1.12 -

- Bug fix - Scripter wasn't working under Java 8. We now have a compatibility shim that we automatically insert on Java 8 machines

2.1.11 -

- Added Hyperlink button

2.1.10 -

- Emailer tool enhancement - Emailer now supports rich text (HTML) editing, image insertion

2.1.9 -

- Bug fix - regression in auto-translation of ODBC connection URLs for some translatorUrl values

2.1.8 -

- Bug fix - auto-translation of ODBC connection URLs wasn't working for named database connections

2.1.6 -

- Junxure SQL connection string wasn't auto-converting to jtds URLs when the string started jdbc:odbc

2.1.5 -

- Move to different database drivers (we have tried to make this self-upgrading, but reconfiguration of some database connections may be necessary)
- Bug fix - Worldox field extractors were causing Assemblage to crash

2.1.4 -

- NetDocs Auto Filer will now preserve the file's modification date during filing

2.1.3 -

- Added setOutputMode() to APXRunner in Scripter. Valid values are as follows:
- setOutputMode(APXRunner.OutputMode.PDF);
- setOutputMode(APXRunner.OutputMode.PDF_ACROBAT);
- setOutputMode(APXRunner.OutputMode.XLS);
If you use XLS, be sure the output file field in the Scripter has the correct XLS file extension!

2.1.2 -

- Bug fix - AUTOFILENETDOCS licenses weren't working (showed as INVALID) - inconsistent definition between application and LMS coding

2.0.33 -

- ND Auto Filer will now also accept AUTOFILENETDOCS license types (in addition to ASSEMBLAGE, ASSEMBLAGEB, NDPUBLISHER and DOCBRIDGE)

2.0.32 -

- Installer now writes Trumpet-UpdateHistory.txt in the application home folder to track update history
- First release with new Net Documents Auto Filer tool)

2.0.31 -

- Bug fix - Emailer shows 'Can't have more steps than the total' error after sending one email

2.0.30 -

- Bug fix - null pointer exception when opening print manager if no default printer is available

2.0.29 -

- Installer wasn't always defaulting to the previous install path. We now write and read the install location to HKCU "SOFTWARE\Trumpet\Assemblage\InstallPath"

2.0.28 -

- If CSV file is passed in using @ parameter, ignore rows that start with a semicolon (comment lines)

Summary 2.0.27

Worldox Auto-Filer Enhancements:

  • Added "Create Relationship" checkbox.  When this checkbox is selected, the newly filed documents will be set up as children of the specified path identified in the field,
  • When the "Delete Original After it's been Filed" checkbox is selected, the Worldox Auto-Filer will delete the files from the input folder after they've been successfully filed.  Now, you don't have to delete the files as a separate operation.

Worldox Auto-Filer, File System Auto-Filer and Trumpet Publisher Enhancements:

  • View in Explorer - You can now right-click on a document in the document list and chose "View in Explorer".  This will open up Windows Explorer, highlighted on the document you've selected.
  • Preview - You can now right-click on a document in the document list and chose "Preview". This will open a copy of the document.  This can be handy if the filename doesn't include useful information you need to identify for mapping purposes.
  • Docs / Minute Readout - This display provides you with an estimated time required to file or publish documents.  It can be found at the bottom of the window once you've opted to split / publish / file the documents.
  • Cancel - You will now see a "Cancel" button.  This allows you to stop the tool from splitting, publishing, filing - whatever tool you're working in - in case you need to make changes.


- Publishing to ShareFile failed with a NullPointerException
- Better error message if servername isn't valid

2.0.26 -

- Tools now have a expand/collapse button on the divider bar between the configuration and the entry list (allows viewing the list in full view)
- WDAutoFiler now shrinks the configuration view of the fields aren't part of the selected profile group (previously, the fields were hidden, but they still took up space)
- The 'Delete the original after is has been filed' checkbox is now visible when not in edit mode, but it is only enabled (i.e. user can only change the setting) if in edit mode (old behavior was to not show the setting at all - this could cause user to not understand the behavior of the configuration)

2.0.25 -

- When WDAutoFiler fails on a document, it now waits 3 seconds between retries, and will retry up to 10 times

2.0.24 -

- Fix potential problem with 2.0.23 change when all list items are being processed and user adjusts sort order

2.0.23 -

- UI improvement - all tools - users can now interact with the entry list at the bottom of the tool display while the processing is underway.
- Added 'Cancel' button to the tools (b/c we no longer have a modal progress dialog with a cancel button)

2.0.22 -

- WDAutoFiler feature enhancement: 'Delete original after it has been filed' checkbox. When active, files are removed from their original location after being filed to Worldox. This setting will only display when in Edit mode.

2.0.21 -

- WDAutoFiler when run from the command line was not auto-loading the configuration provided after /wdautofiler

2.0.20 -

- If WDAutoFiler enters a retry loop, the status of the retry attempts is now displayed in the progress bar text

2.0.19 -

- Performance fix - dragging a large number of files to WD Auto Filer resulted in significant UI hang (the refresh was happening on the GUI thread instead of a background worker thread)
- Added retry loop to WDAutoFiler - if the auto-file fails, we will try again up to 20 times, waiting 250 milliseconds between each attempt
- Added Docs/Minute read-out when auto-filing
- WDAutoFiler wasn't always disabling the Save Files button during refresh

2.0.17 -

- Pattern inspector now gives explicit info about whether the results were empty strings, or empty result
- Pattern inspector no longer supports inline regex in pattern expressions

2.0.16 -

- Bug fix - Database explorer would fail with arrayindexoutofbounds when displaying byte arrays that weren't 16 bytes or longer
- Database explorer will now silently translate &lt; &gt; and &amp; so users don't have to edit that when they copy and paste from the WDA file

2.0.15 -

- TOC generation - added special extractors that can be used in toccontrol: {toc.chapter} and {toc.localchapter} - see doc 81000 for details
- TOC generation - new TOC style setting: horizontalAlignment (LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT) - default is LEFT. Note: this only takes effect if includeNumber is N

2.0.14 -

- APX Runner - if no user is specified, the current user will be used

2.0.13 -

- WD Auto Filer bug fix - if extractor in comments resulted in No Value (instead of empty string), no Problems were displayed, and the auto file failed with a null pointer exception
- WD Auto Filer validation enhancement - if an extractor for a field results in No Value (instead of empty string), a Problem is now displayed. Users can check the 'Use empty string when exctractor fails' checkbox if they want the value to be empty when extraction fails

2.0.12 -

- Added setMaxMillisToWaitForPdf to ApxRunner:
- Determines how long Scripter will wait (in milliseconds) to detect the result of the PDF generation. After the call to RepRun returns, we poll ever 250ms up to this timeout. Default is 1250ms.

2.0.11 -

- Bug fix - launching WDAutoFiler without Worldox running resulted in strange error message. We now present a configuration validation error.
- Bug fix - really old WDA files that had the deleteUsedFiles attribute set on sections caused an exception when loading in modern Assemblage

2.0.10 -

- Bug fix - The change in 2.0.8 caused SAXParseException exceptions while loading WDA files that used CSV and XLS translators

2.0.9 -

- Bug fix - WDAutoFiler - non-required, table validated fields were throwing errors if value was empty

2.0.8 -

- Bug fix - if CSV translator URL was empty, the translator failed instead of assuming 1;2
- Bug fix - if XLS translator URL was empty, the translator failed instead of assuming 0;1;2

2.0.7 -

- Bug fix - WDAutoFiler - if parent field was not table verified, validation of values in child field failed

2.0.6 -

- Bug fix - Emailer tool - CC and BCC were not resolving patterns to values

2.0.5 -

- Move to Java 7 runtime for Assemblage
- Assemblage.exe launcher will now check to ensure that the workstations has Java 7 or higher installed
- Assemblage directory now contains an InstallJava.exe applet - when launched, this will check if Java 7 or higher is installed. If not, it will download Java 7 and install it. This is safer than using the java.com installer b/c we can turn off the Ask toolbar garbage and prevent the Java browser plugin from being installed.
- Bug fix - created date on assembled PDF files wasn't being updated to the date the assembly happened, if the file already existed in the working folder

2.0.4 -

- Attemped Bug fix - created date on assembled PDF files wasn't being updated to the date the assembly happened, if the file already existed in the working folder

2.0.3 -

- Bug fix - WD Auto Filer fails with 'From File is invalid(18)' error when autofiling files with very long paths. This fix requires that 8.3 filenames are enabled on the *source* file system as well as the target file system (if those are different file systems).

2.0.2 -

- Added encryption strength setting to Emailer tool - available values are as follows (along with which versions of Acrobat are capable of decrypting PDFs generated with this encryption level):
Acrobat 3.0 and later (RC4 40)
Acrobat 5.0 and later (RC4 128)
Acrobat 7.0 and later (AES 128)
Acrobat 9.0 and later (AES 256)
- Changed default encryption strength to AES-128 (Compatible with Adobe 7 and higher) (used to be RC4 128)

2.0.1 -

- Added Tools->Development Tools menu to all sub-tools
- Added internal log viewer to Development Tools in all sub-tools

Summary 2.0

  • Added support for printing to Acrobat XI
  • Improved performance for "Send to > Printer" operations
  • PDF splitter is now 25% faster when reading large PDF files
  • When you hover over an item in the display lists of the Emailer, Publisher, or AutoFiler tool, you will see the full text
  • You can now copy and paste the status grid from the Emailer Tool for compliance purposes. This includes the document identifier and the date sent
  • Added option "SSL w/Self Signed Cert" to the Emailer Tool's preferences as an authentication method for users with Self Signed Certificates

1.1.134 -

- Added Help menu to sub-tools (New UI based tools only)
- New feature: Added CC and BCC addresses to emailer configuration

1.1.133 -

- Bug fix - if translator returned no value, the regex result was being passed through as if the translator hadn't been specified. Bug introduced in version 1.1.113

1.1.132 -

- Bug fix - Sites on 1.1.91 through 1.1.111 that use the Tools shortcuts lost their settings after updating to 1.1.112 or above.

1.1.131 -

- Added PUBLISHER to allowed license type for the ND Publisher Tool

1.1.130 -

- Added ZIPPER to allowed license type for the PDF Splitter tool

1.1.129 -

- Added PUBLISHER to allowed license type for the PDF Splitter tool

1.1.128 -

- Significant performance enhancement for axysparentlookupextractor (esp. for large data sets)
- axysparentlookupextractor will automatically remove the + aggregate marker from the front of any input text
- axysparentlookupextractor will remove spaces before or after the input text before looking up the parent group(s)

1.1.127 -

- Bug fix - window icon for Pattern Inspector came up as a cofee cup instead of the Assemblage icon
- Added 'Configuration->Edit configuration file' menu
- Pattern Inspector overhaul
  - you can now specify the WDA path explicitly.  This will load and process the extractors in the WDA without having to actually load the assemblies (should make design iterations much faster)
  - the default WDA path is pulled from the current loaded WDA (if there is one)
  - there is a drop down MRU for the WDA Path field, so you can quickly flip between them during pattern development
  - if the modified date of the WDA changes, the file is automatically reloaded when you click the Refresh button
  - Improved the window layout of pattern inspector (it resizes a lot nicer now)

1.1.126 -

- Bug fix - PDFs that used fonts with space character width set to 0 wound up with extra spaces in their text extraction during splitting. If the space width is 0, we now use the default glyph width as the space width.
  - new itextpdf-5.4.5-20140116.jar

1.1.125 -

- Bug fix - entities aren't always grouping together if there is case difference between the sortby values. This also fixes an issue with duplicate entries appearing in the Details pane during refreshes.

1.1.124 -

- Added expandAggregates setting to axysparentlookupextractor. The default is true (+@groups below the parent are expanded to get their children).  If set to false, aggregate groups become children.

1.1.123 -

- Splitter now accepts AutoFilerFolder licenses

1.1.122 -

- Bug fix - if Scripter was unable to clear output folders, it silently failed.  We now display a modal error dialog.  This can happen if the output folder contains a sub-folder.

1.1.121 -

- Bug fix - suppressstamp instructions that happened before stamps were inserted didn't impact that stamps.  For example- in the following, the suppressstamp wasn't actually suppressing the stamp:
  The reason this bug existed was that suppressstamp was originally implemented to suppress stamps like page numbers from certain sub-sections.  It now works *both* ways.

1.1.120 -

- Add status of stamp (Suspended or Active) to TagView display
- Add tags assigned to stamps in TagView display

1.1.119 -

- Send heartbeat when a license is removed from LicMgr (it used to only send when a license was added)

1.1.118 -

- Errors during reading of XLS files now display the name of the file

1.1.117 -

- Assemblage now writes it's path to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Trumpet\Assemblage\InstallPath whenever it launches
- The installer now uses the path at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Trumpet\Assemblage\InstallPath.  If that path is missing, it then uses the old behavior - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Trumpet\PDFSplitterAndAssembler\InstallPath - and if that's missing, it sets the value to "<network path>\Assemblage"

1.1.116 -

- Installer will now close running instances of Assemblage, if it can (obviously, we can't close older instances b/c that code wasn't part of the application back then)

1.1.115 -

- Installer now defaults to <network location>\Assemblage
- Bug fix - multi-extractors in wda files could cause big ugly errors if the translator returned multi-values (issue introduced in 1.1.113)
- Patterns now support -> notation to create chains:  {{ex1}->{ex2}->{ex3}}
- Added new translator:  worldox.lookup - the value passed in is used as a doc ID search against Worldox and the path of the found document is returned.  This can be used in conjunction with the other worldox.* extractors to do some pretty cool stuff.

1.1.114 -

- Assemblage now sends a heartbeat whenever it launches and when a license gets added through the UI
- Installer no longer sends heartbeats
- Installer now shows a big message for brand new installs (trying to discourage users from installing into an incorrect folder)
- WDAutoFiler now has a Create Relationship checkbox and field.  When checked, the newly filed documents will be set up as children of the specified path


- Change extractors used in tools so if the underlying translator returns multiple values, it will throw an error instead of just picking one of the values at random

1.1.112 -

- Added Tools->Development Tools->Show logs folder to main Assemblage and Tools->Show logs folder to all 'new UI' tools

1.1.111 -

- WDAutoFiler now specifies the profile group number the same as WDAdmin's ID (it used to be one more than what appeared in WDAdmin).  Old WDF configuration files are automatically adjusted to account for the difference in behavior.
- Bug fix - shortcuts in the Tools folder had incorrect 'Run In' path set (they would prompt for license number when used)
- Bug fix - shortcuts in the Tools folder had incorrect icons

1.1.110 -

- Bug fix - Send To->WD Auto Filer wasn't bringing up new tool

1.1.109 -

- New UI tools now display number of rows in a label
- DB Explorer displays number of rows in the field explorer (the dialog that comes up after clicking Inspect Selected)
- Make Extractor list have an extra column that displays the current extracted value of the selected row in the tool
- Added View In Explorer and Preview context menus to WD Auto Filer, File System Auto Filer and ShareFile Publisher
- WDAutoFiler now works with Worldox Cloud and Enterprise

1.1.108 -

- Bug fix - NullPointerException in FolderSearchItemSource if the URL in the shortcut file is invalid
- Clicking the X in the configuration chooser now closes the tool (for users to get to the tool in it's default state, they have to click the New button in the configuration chooser)
- In any tool, the prompt to save changes to a config now only displays if the tool is in Edit mode (avoid problems with users accidentally overwriting configuration)
- Initial work on WD Auto Filer user interface overhaul

1.1.107 -

- Bug fix - null pointer exception in bytesToHexReverse in some corner cases when displaying fields of type sql_variant

1.1.106 -

- Added 'SSL w/ Self Signed Cert' option in email configuration - should help SSL situation where the certificate is self signed, and the user doesn't want to register the certificate with the JVM

1.1.105 -

- PDFPrintHandler - added debug lines (tracking down a crashing issue)
- Added Trumpet Publisher Project sample project to installer
- Updated to jWDAPI 20130508 - adding ability to detect when WDAPI doesn't load (vs has errors)

1.1.104 -

- New license types AUTOFILEFOLD (identical to FOLDERAUTOFILE), AUTOFILEWDOX (identical to WDAUTOFILE), PUBLISHER (identical to WEBUPLOAD)
- Make Assemblage installer run with regular User priveleges (trying to avoid UAC elevation prompt)

1.1.103 -

- Added Schema and data type columns to dbExplorer
- Properly display UUID type fields (SQL data type uniqueidentifier)

1.1.102 -

- Added FormType extractor to Fidelity Unzipper tool - Fidelty unzipper extractors are now: "AccountNumber", "ClientID", "FileName", "FormType"

1.1.101 -

- Bug fix introduced in 1.1.100 - an old itext jar file was part of the distribution - definitely no good - treat version 1.1.100 as completely broken

1.1.100 -

- Bug fix - some PDFs (annotations added in conjunction with digital signature) caused Heap Space errors

1.1.99 -

- Made APXRunner only include the -N (run as user) option if the ScriptRunnerCommand is "REPRUN" (this option isn't supported under other run types like SSRSRUN)

1.1.98 -

- Added setScriptRunnerCommand(String) command to APXRunner.  Valid values are "REPRUN" (the default) and "SSRSRUN".  This will allow users to run using the old and new style reporting engine

1.1.97 -

- Better error message if sub-extractor specified in GroupingExtractor doesn't exist

1.1.96 -

- Bug fix - if WDAutoFiler was launched, then at some point later, Tools->Preferences was opened, the preferences were reset to their default values.  If the OK button was clicked, the preferences in the .globalsettings folder were lost.

1.1.95 -

- Default splitter configuration will now have pattern set to {id} and a default extractor named id with regex set to ##(.*)##

1.1.94 -

- Bug fix - PDFSplitter wasn't properly parsing text from some PDF files that contained unusual character encoding strategies

1.1.93 -

- If Assemblage is not able to access the .globalsettings folders, it will now fail to launch instead of launching with default values

1.1.92 -

- Emailer - copy and paste of Emailer status grid will now include the document ID and the date sent as a human readable string

1.1.91 -

- Bug fix - Print To would crash in some cases
- Print To operations are now faster (better optimized checking for whether Acrobat is running before we send a print job)
- Installer now creates a sub-folder called Tools with links to each of the sub-tools

1.1.90 -

- Bug fix - Acrobat XI support (added in 1.1.87) was not working

1.1.89 -

Bug fix - If Storage Path in ClientView Publisher results in a null value for any document, processing halts completely at that document with error message 'Unable to complete submission'

1.1.88 -

- Bug fix - in some extremely rare circumstances, corruption in a config file (used for storing the window size and position) could cause a NoSuchElementException error

1.1.87 -

- Added support for bulk printing to Acrobat XI (also pre-emptively added support for Acrobat XII when it comes out)
- New verison of PDFPrintHandler.exe -

1.1.86 -

- Bug fix - SalesForce integration was only returning first 2000 rows of queries
- Installer now gives Retry option if it is unable to replace or remove existing files

1.1.85 -

- Bug fix - worldox.* extractors weren't available in Emailer and Sharefiler tools
- Added logging if license is invalid or is about to expire
- If global settings can't be loaded, we rename the problem config file to a backup name (config file name + date stamp) - hopefully this will help us with tracking down issues related to global settings resets

1.1.84 -

- Bug fix - Send To->ShareFile didn't do anything
- Hovering over list items in any of the 'new' style tools displays tool tip with the full text
- Adjust labels in ShareFile preferences screen to be more obvious of expected value for 'host'
- Simplified configuration of ShareFile settings - now we only ask for the target path, instead of a separate basepath and subpath

1.1.83 -

- Bug fix - Splitter - editing extractor pattern with an invalid pattern resulted in a modal error dialog instead of in-line error message
- Significant performance enhancements when reading large PDF files - splitter is now 25% faster

1.1.82 -

- Added /sharefiler command line switch
- Ability to specify a file list without a configuration file on the command line (i.e. /emailer @%@) without getting an error message
- PDF Splitter now displays performance metrics during analyzing (pages/sec) and splitting (exports/sec)


- Allow PDFSplitter to handle much bigger files

1.1.79 -

- Make CSV translator query strings support the complex syntax that XLS translators have


- Added Copy button in extractor lists throughout Assemblage where new tool UI has been implemented (Splitter, autofiler, emailer, etc...)


- Splitter - Inline regular expressions are no longer allowed in the Subsection ID pattern field
- Splitter - when loading legacy configurations, all extractors are converted to named extractors (regardless of whether a region was specified on the ID field or not)


- Ability to clear all files for selected section(s) (right-click on section(s), Delete files)


- Bug fix - corrupted MRU configuration file resulted in Assemblage not launching.  Assemblage will now launch properly.
- Splitter is now 20% faster
- Splitter now supports multiple text extraction zones via the user of independently configured extractors
- Splitter now displays the text on a given page during configuration of each extractor

1.1.74 -

- ClientView Publisher now populates filesize and Publish Date fields in ClientView

1.1.73 -

Resolved an issue with querying Junxure's tblclientsunfiltered table
Auto Filer will now warn if there is not a file extension in an output path.

1.1.72 -

Added /emailer command line switch for launching Emailer tool stand-alone
Added ability to drag files onto Emailer tool

1.1.70 -

Allow assembling PDFs that are partially secured (i.e. restricted)

1.1.68 -

'Hide Acrobat during printing' is now unchecked by default - this feature was causing too many problems

1.1.67 -

Added Salesforce support (Additional Salesforce configuration in preferences, plus new xlat:sf translator type - the url is only xlat:sf (nothing after it) - the query is of the form <from spec>;<to spec>;<SF query> - for example: "Name;Contacts.records.FirstName;SELECT Account.Name, (SELECT Contact.FirstName, Contact.LastName FROM Account.Contacts) FROM Account"

1.1.65 -

Bug fix: NullPointerException when a file that is part of an assembly is renamed without performing a refresh - error message now describes the issue and resolution (Tools->Refresh)

1.1.64 -

Bug fix: Unparseable date: "" errors when using CV Publisher without Expiration Date filled in
Bug fix:  [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Optional feature not implemented error when using CV Publisher with Expiration Date filled in

1.1.63 -

Made Emailer Configuration Chooser and File System Auto Filer Configuration Chooser have a window title

1.1.62 -

Added new command line option to Assemblage.exe to control the size of the heap that will be requested
  -    /maxheap=### (where ### is the size of the desired heap in MB).  The default is 768MB.  If you want to allocated 2GB of heap (2GB = 2000 MB), you would use: assemblage.exe /maxheap=2000
  -  Note that the adaptive heap algorithm may decide to actually set the value to lower than you request - the actual value used is in the -Xmx value visible using /launcher_verbose
There is also another command line argument that may be of use - this has been in the launcher for awhile, but not documented:
   -  /launcher_verbose   - this will display a summary of all of the options that are being used when setting up the java virtual machine (this also writes a text file with the same information to a file called launcher.txt in the current working directory (normally, this is the network Assembalge folder)

1.1.61 -

Fix for "There is a problem with the 32 bit Java installation on this computer" error on computers with small amounts of RAM (i.e. 2GB or less)
    - New launcher that dynamically determines the maximum heap (memory) size that will be available to Assemblage
    - We try for 1 GB of heap space - if we don't get it, we then reduce the heap until we are successful
    - Note that it is possible for this error to occur for other reasons - in the new code, the error message has been adjusted to also display an error code - the (-4) error code indicates a memory related issue.  Other error codes could be caused by other problems, including corrupted Java installations.

1.1.60 -

Added support for Expiration Date to ClientView Publisher (published documents can now be set to expire on a certain date)

1.1.59 -

Bug fix: AutoFiler would show "Warning - File already exists" immediately after auto-filing each PDF.

1.1.58 -

In Edit Extractor dialog, if extractor returns no result, the result now displays as "## No Extractor Result ##" instead of just a blank

1.1.57 -

Bug fix - introduced in 1.1.49 - NPE in CVPublisher if database preferences didn't contain the database named in the CVPublisher configuration
1.1.54 -

Emailer and AutoFiler - If a send entry has validation Problems, and the user clicks Send anyway, we now error saying "See Problems" instead of allowing the underlying error (which is usually an NPE) to surface
If there are multiple problems/warnings for a Send entry, we now add (hover for details) to the end so the user knows they can hover to get the details of the problems/warnings

1.1.53 -

Extractor list now fills available vertical space in emailer and file system auto filer tools
Bug fix - changes to extractor list weren't taking effect in emailer tool
Bug fix - emailer tool was saving new configurations with afl file extension instead of .emailer

1.1.52 -

Bug fix - NetDocs Publisher wasn't generating meta.csv file contents
Added progress bar to NetDocs Publisher
Bug fix - NetDocs Publisher wasn't displaying all column data immediately after loading a configuration

1.1.51 -

Made default interface type be DEFAULT (this is the same as V2 for the time being - but it allows overriding with the /3 command line switch).  There should be no impact on our deployment process from this change - you should continue setting the V3 interface in the preferences after installing the first time.
Fixed bug - "Problem Last component must be non-null" error when launching Assemblage with V2 interface on workstaiton with Java 7 installed
Better error message if translatorFromExtractor refers to an invalid extractor

1.1.50 -

Add APX preferences screen for centralized APX configuration
Adjusted APXRunner to use preferences instead of settings being hard coded

1.1.49 -

Initial implementation of APXRunner for scripter to use
Better error messages in Scripter output log
Made CV Publisher so it will look up the Junxure URL value in the Database manager first.  If that doesn't exist, it will evaluate the URL as a jdbc url

1.1.48 -

Bug fix:  Verbose output in scripter wasn't showing all debug messages

1.1.47 - dev only

Adjusted NetDocs Publisher tool so it works with files instead of Assemblies
  - this adjustment has a breaking change that WILL break existing NetDocs Publisher configurations.  We are changing the definition of the ID column to be the full path of the file instead of the assembly ID.  Please coordinate updates with any sites that currently have the NetDocs publisher
Added /ndpublisher command line argument to launch the ND Publisher

1.1.46 - dev only

Tools->File System Auto Filer now opens the new auto-filer interface
Dragging files from the file system to the new auto-filer list will add the files to the list for processing

1.1.45 - dev only

Added 'Show Assemblies' right click menu to section list

1.1.44 - dev only

Allow toggle enabled to work on multiple sections at a time
1.1.43 - dev only

Single clicking on Sections no longer changes the main Assemblies list to focus on that section.  You must now double click on a section to shift focus to it.  I'm calling this the 'focused section'
Focused section displays in bold and has "(showing assemblies)" after the section name - let me know if this should be changed
Added Toggle Enabled right click menu to Section hierarchy view
Section icon now grays out when the section is disabled via the Toggle operation
Validation rules specific to a section are now removed when the section is disabled via the Toggle operation
1.1.42 -

Added Firmwide.inf path to Axys settings.  If specified, AxysRunner will use this as the firmwide.inf file instead of the one in the Axys root directory

1.1.40 -

Adjusted sort behavior of tool entry list so errors sort above warnings (then we sort by the number of issues, which is what we did before), then we sort by the text of the issues
Made list validation message list number of errors and warnings if there are both

1.1.39 -

Bug fix:  Print Manager displayed MISSING printers (resulting in Null printer exception if the user attempts to print to it)
Bug fix:  Capturing Printer Defaults Failed - SUCCESS_CloseAcro(0x83)
Bug fix:  Sorting columns in tool entry list causes NullPointerException

1.1.37 -

New license manager behavior:
 - once the user puts in a new license for a given type (i.e. ASSEMBLAGEB), any old licenses for that license type will be removed from the license manager user interface automatically (prior to this, users had to type the Delete key to remove an old license).
 - expired licenses will be automatically removed from the user interface after they are 90 days past their expiration date
 - The user will now see a dialog warning that their license will expire in XX days

1.1.36 -

Changes to the standard tool behavior:
 - Added edit mode toggling (for now, this just shows/hides the extractor list)
 - Added graphical progress bar
 - Added list validation message (gives a quick summary of the total # of errors or warnings in the list - displayed right above the Send button)
 - Added Refresh menu
Auto filer:  Added check if target file exists for each list entry (marks entry with a warning if it does)

1.1.35 -

Added better error trapping to extractor editing dialog (should fix validation display issues seen during testing)
Better error checking if config file specified on command line does not exist

1.1.34 -

Bug fix: Right click/filter on section list when no section is selected shows NullPointerException error
Updated default Workspace - added a blank metadata section to assemblies
Changed Emailer to use new standard tool interface
Changed File System Auto Filer to use new standard tool interface

1.1.33 -

In main Assembler, Send To operations will apply to ALL assemblies if no assemblies are selected when the Send To command is invoked
During install, we now log the version of installer to Trumpet-UpdateHistory.txt

1.1.32 -

Fixed nullpointerexception in splitter when loading configurations that didn't have rectangle filters defined
Improved Help->Check for Updates so it now lists production release and pre-release downloads (if appropriate)

1.1.31 -

Changed wording in assemblage.exe error message that displays when the JVM couldn't be loaded to indicate that it should be 32 bit Java
Bug fix - fix problem with "Colorspace not supported" and "Color depth not supported" warnings during splitting some PDF files

1.1.29 -

Fixed problem with auto-filer copying huge files

1.1.28 -

Better error messages if preview assemblying fails
Better error message if an input PDF is corrupted

1.1.27 -

Overhaul of Email configuration dialog, added support for TLS and SSL authentication types

1.1.26 -

Added 'Hide Acrobat during printing' checkbox to Print tool - this means that we can truly do background printing and let the user continue working.  This is enabled by default (printing will be done 'silently' by default), but you can change it back to the old behavior if needed for troubleshooting
Acrobat will now be closed before and after running of print jobs

1.1.25 -

Added Help->Check for updates menu - this will check for the latest production and prerelease versions and allow the user to download the latest one

1.1.24 -

Bug fix: ERR_NOSUCHFILE when trying to print assemblies that contain double spaces in the name

1.1.23 -

Bug fix - driver class in connection info wound up null in some scenarios

1.1.22 -

Added replace(<col spec>, <findtext>, <replacewith>) to column specification language

1.1.21 -

Bug fix - null pointer exception in splitter (Embedded image with no resource dictionary defined)
1.1.20 -
Bug fix - classcastexception when loading WDA files in V2 interface

1.1.19 -

Changed field label in SQL add items wizard from 'URL' to 'DB Connection Name'
Optimized handling of big PDF files (should be much faster now)

1.1.18 -

Bug fix - errors resulting from XLS cells containing formulas caused xlat:xls translators to fail
XLS Reader will no longer return "Error :xx" if an Excel cell has an error - it will just return blank

1.1.17 -

Make SQL item source (in scripter) so it can work with database connections configured in preferences.  For backwards compatibility if you specify a full SQL URL (jdbc:odbc:......) in the database connection field of the SQL Add Items dialog, it will still work, but certainly the preferred method moving forward is to use a named database connection.

1.1.15 -

Bug fix - printer list showed multiple instances of the same printer with different case if the printer as mapped has different casing than it did when the printer configuration was originally set up.  Printer lookup by name is now case insensitive.

1.1.14 -

if translatorQuery isn't specified, it will be assumed to be ""
Filenotfound error when saving settings will now contain the full path of the file (instead of the relative path)

1.1.13 -

New assemblage.exe launcher with improved error messages if Java isn't installed on the workstation
Bug fix - unable to load preferences (like DB connections) after update to Java virtual machine where the vendor name switched from Sun to Oracle

1.1.11 -

Adding support for Acrobat PDF print driver in PPT and XLS -> PDF conversion.  Use runner.setPdfPrinterService("Acrobat"); in the script

1.1.7 -

Added Send Test Email to email configuration dialog

1.1.6 -

Added searchParents setting to axysitemvariablelookupextractor (setting this to N will make the variable lookup happen in the item only, instead of also searching parents for that variable value)

1.1.2 -

Bug fix:  subassembly elements with sections sub-element (instead of wdaPath) wound up getting double TOC, bookmark and stamp tags

1.1.0 -

Added ability to place <sections> sub-element inside <subassembly> elements

1.0.372 -

Fixed bug that caused XLS item sources in scripter to skip over the first row of data

1.0.369 -

Made directToAcroMode work for 64 bit operating systems

1.0.367 -

Added axysordinallookupextractor

1.0.366 -

Added SMTP Port number to email configuration
Blank SMTP usernames will now be sent as null instead of a blank string (needed for some smtp servers)

1.0.362 -

Attempted to fix all places where the default selected folder was going to My Documents instead of the network folder for Assemblage
Changed strategy for determining the Assemblage network folder to use application.home system property (which gets set by our launcher)

1.0.361 -

adjusted launcher so it fixes DLL load path problem - msvcrt71.dll not found
Changed heap space to be 768 MB instead of 512 MB (address issue with huge assemblies)

1.0.360 -

Added .setRunGroupsConsolidated(true/false) to AxysRunner - if true, any @ group passed in will be prefixed with a + before processing

1.0.357 -

Added Edit file on disk menu option to build plan tree view (opens the source file directly where it can be edited)

1.0.356 -

AxysManager now reads netwide.inf to determine cli and grp folder locations (if netwide.inf exists) instead of just assuming the folders are under the axys home directory

1.0.355 -

Added Tools->Preferences to Emailer and Splitter tools

1.0.354 -

Improvements to Emailer:
1. allow creation of emails without attachments
2. encryption is optional
3. columns are sortable
4. better error messages if something goes wrong during send

1.0.353 -

Added DB Explore button to database connections preferences dialog (allows quick testing of URL)

1.0.352 -

Work around for compatability problem with upcoming Junxure release (may/june) that contains a significant security overhaul.  Magic transforming of 'tblclientsunfiltered' to 'tblclients' in any query with a URL that includes the text 'junxure'
1.0.351 -

Added first draft of Emailer module

1.0.349 -

Added includedForAssemblyIdPattern (this supplements the enabledForAssemblyIdPattern) - see the documentation for details
Made wda files so we validate the attribute names (if we mis-type an attribute, it will now give an error message)
Error messages when loading multi-level assemblies are now much friendlier

1.0.348 -

WDAutoFile can now file to Inactive codes (fix for SR 90124)

1.0.347 -

Added worldox.user.code, worldox.user.initials and worldox.user.name extractors (mostly useful in the WD Auto-filer for populating the Filed By field)

1.0.346 -

NetDoc Publisher - double clicking Column Def and Extractor Def tables opens the entry in edit mode

1.0.338 -

Minor UI tweaks in NetDocs Publisher module

1.0.337 -

Fixed:  Reload command isn't available after saving a new file in splitter
First iteration with NetDocs Publisher module added

1.0.334 -

Added splitregex(in, regexToSplitOn) command to Excel column specification language

1.0.333 -

Lot's of little UI fixes:
 - fixed labels that were missing text
 - Removed scroll bar behavior from right pane of preferences dialog (eliminate issue with the panel resizing oddly)
 - Fixed dialog icons so they should NOT show the Java coffee cup (if anyone still sees a Java coffee cup icon anywhere in the app, be sure to tell me)
 - Adjusted default width of the Connections Add dialog so it's not so small
 - Fixed layout behavior of translator query field in Extractor definition pane

1.0.331 -

AxysRunner scripter will now fix the output path by converting illegal characters to -

1.0.328 -

New icons

1.0.327 -

Added .safe entries for all of the worldox.field# and field#desc extractors

1.0.326 -

Improved error messages when PDF file reading fails during Send To operations (error should now have the path of the file that caused the problem)
Added the following extractors (these are available pretty much everywhere in the system):
    worldox.date.created.safe - same as date.created, but replaces / and : with -
    worldox.date.updated.safe - same as date.updated, but replaces / and : with -

1.0.325 -

Overhaul of extractor definition pane in Auto Filer, WD Auto Filer, Encryptor, Scripter and CV Publisher
Extractor definition pane option 'Use empty string when extractor fails' - this will cause the extractor to return an empty string instead of null if the extractor fails (useful in cases where it might be ok for an extractor to fail)
Selecting items in the Items To Process list now updates the Sample String in the extractor definition pane

1.0.321 -

Added 'Print Sub-jobs' setting to printer configuration (turned on by default).  When set, each sub-PDF is printed to the printer as a separate print job.

1.0.320 -

Added direct to Adobe mode to AxysRunner (via setDirectToAcroMode(true); ) - this is still very, very rough - the user has to set Adobe PDF as the default printer

1.0.311 -

Deleted PdfDocumentWriter (was used by splitter before 1.0.310, but no longer needed)
Adjusted PDFPrintHandler so it doesn't use security descriptor when opening printer - this allows us to use the print handler for normal users - a very big deal

1.0.310 -

Bug fix:  Splitter didn't properly handle input files that were flipped upside down

1.0.309 -

Bug Fix:  Some XLS files would fail with a NegativeArrayIndex exception

1.0.308 -

Proper handling for print jobs run through Acrobat 10 (I've tested on reader, should work for full)
We now leave Acrobat open between print jobs (performance enhancement) - we close it every 50 operations just for good measure (keep the temp folder flushed out) -

Printer preferences are now specified and edited directly inside Assemblage (you no longer set the defaults then capture them).  This should be much easier to manage. -

Added worldox.* extractors to Scripter -

AxysRunner will now properly handle macros that are specified with full paths -

Updated default Workspace so wda files use relative paths for basepath and output directory -

When clicking New in Splitter configuration chooser, edit mode is now automatically turned on by default -

Added worldox.lfn.safe, worldox.xname.safe and worldox.lfnunder.safe named extractors - these replace characters that aren't allowed in filenames with dashes (/\:*?\"<>|) -

Added worldox extractors to auto-filer -

Added name of PDF file to error messages when the PDF couldn't be read
baseInputPath and outputDirectory values in WDA files can now be specified using relative paths.  Paths will be relative to the folder containing the wda file (e.g. baseInputPath="..\Assembler In\") -

Added DB Connection configuration to preferences.  Once configured, a named database connection can be used in any translator using xlat:db:<name> (e.g. xlat:db:portfoliocenter )

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