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10.3. Server Busy dialogs when running Axys reports using Scripter


When running reports that contain graphs, the report run hangs with a dialog displayed that says "Server Busy".  When the user clicks to clear the dialog, the report run process continues as it normally would.


This issue is caused by Axys not properly setting a timeout delay parameter when they tell Excel to generate the graph.  If you are running the scripter on a slower computer, this will be an issue.


Unfortunately, because this behavior is caused by a problem in Axys, there is nothing that Assemblage can do about it (we ask Axys to run the report - once we make that request, we have no control over the process).  We have known about this issue for quite some time (at least 5 years).  We have even provided Advent with the system calls they need to make to adjust the behavior, but the issue has not, as near as we can tell, been fixed.

The only fix that we can suggest at this time is to run the reports on a faster workstation, or call Advent and complain loudly.

For reference (just in case someone from Advent development ever sees this), here is a Microsoft article describing the Windows API calls that Axys should be using: 


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