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4.6. Move a Launcher Button within the Palette

You may wish to order the Launcher Buttons a certain way.  For example, you may want to have them in the order you need to access them in a certain workflow at your firm.  Alternatively, you might want the buttons you use most frequently to appear at the top of the Palette, or you may want them to be in alphabetical order.

To change the location of a Launcher Button within a Virtuoso Palette:

Right click on the Launcher Button you want to move, and select "Move Up", or "Move Down"

Alternatively, you can drag the button up or down within the Palette

Note:  Changing the order of the Launcher Buttons will only change the order of the buttons within the current Palette.  If you have Cloned this Palette, for example, the Cloned Palette will stay in its current order until you change it.

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