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4.5. Copy Launcher Buttons to other Palettes

You may want to have a User-Based palette that has buttons from various other palettes included on it.   This is a great example of wanting to "Copy" launcher buttons to another palette.  For example, if you wear many different hats in the firm, but do not want to subscribe to the palettes for all your various roles you can create your own palette and copy launcher buttons from other palettes.

To do this:

Right click on the Launcher Button you want to copy

Select "Copy Launcher Button"

Select the Palette you want the launcher button to be copied "to" in the"Choose Palette to Receive Copy" window

Select "OK"

A copy of the Launcher Button will appear on the Palette you selected.

Note:  Any changes made to the Launcher Button will only affect the button for the given Palette.

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