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12.6. Text-In-File Field

Worldox automatically indexes the text within:

  • Live documents (e.g., Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) and
  • Rendered PDF files (in other words, documents that you have printed to PDF from other software applications). 

Because these files have been rendered by a computer, the text is automatically readable by a computer.

Scanned images are also text searchable within Worldox, providing you use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software such as Symphony OCR, which makes scanned documents text searchable.

"Text in File" allows you to perform a search for any piece of text within a file that is readable by a computer, (noting the caveat above that you must be using OCR to conduct text searches for scanned documents).

Type a word that is included in the text of the document

Select Search

The example above will return a list of active documents that have the word "agreement" in the text of the document found in the selected Cabinet.

Note:  If the document is an image-only document (scanned image that has not been OCR'd) it will not be searchable via this mechanism.  In addition, documents filed to Worldox will become text searchable once Worldox text indexes are updated overnight.

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