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1.4. Printers - Advanced Printer Configuration Set up

What is Advanced Printer Configuration?

Advanced Printer Configurations allow you to print your assemblies with different rules for each section.

In other words, you may wish to print certain sections of your Assemblies double-sided or staple a portion of your Assemblies together.

How to Configure Printer Presets

The first step in applying Advanced Printer Configuration is to configure Presets for your printers. Here's how to set that up:

  • From the main Assemblage screen, go to Tools -> Preferences
  • Select "Printers" from the Navigation panel on the left.
  • Highlight the printer you wish to use from the list of available printers.
  • Select "Add"

This will open the add preset dialog.

  • Give the preset a Preset name (e.g. Doublesided, or Doublesided and stapled).
  • Click the "Configure" button.
  • This will open your printer preferences dialog where you can define the way you want your printer to be configured for this preset.
  • Add the settings you want and click "OK".

You can add as many presets as you need, including printing from different trays for letterhead paper, doublesided, etc. Whatever your settings your printer will allow you can add a preset.

Next, you can click the "Test" button to test that you have the printer configured in the way you wish it to be set up.

Use your Printer Presets

From the main Assemblage application, load the configuration you wish to use to Print.

Highlight the Assemblies you wish to print, right click and choose Send to -> Printer.

Select the appropriate printer from the drop down menu for printers:

In the "Use Preset" column, select the drop down menu and choose the preset you wish to apply to that section of the Assembly:

Here, we're printing the Cover Letter DoubleSided.

If you wish to apply the preset to all the sections included in a branch, you may do so. For example, if you wanted to staple all the reports together for a particular account, you might opt to staple at the Reports Assembly level:

Once you have your presets defined, simply select the "Start Printing" button.

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