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6.2. Recipient and Sender Passwords

Recipient and Sender Passwords

Attach Plus gives you the ability to set two passwords on the PDF files that you password protect. This allows you to have a master password that you can use to open any password protected PDF email attachment from the Sent folder of your email system.

The two passwords you can set are:

  • Recipient - This is the password that you should provide to the recipient of your email. You will want this password to be different for each recipient.
  • Sender - This is the common password that you can specify to allow you to easily open PDF files that you have sent. Using a Sender password is optional, and you can always open the PDF file using the Recipient password

Setting a Sender password

In any of the PDF password dialogs (click here to find out how to show the password dialog), click the 'Use Sender Password' button to expand the password dialog and show the Sender password fields.

Tip: Attach Plus will remember the Sender password you type in, until Attach Plus is closed.

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