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3.4. Zip Archiving

Occasionally, you may need to send large documents to recipients. Many advanced users choose to ZIP (or compress) large files before sending them through e-mail. This speeds up the transfer of the files (and may allow a file to be sent through e-mail that would have otherwise been blocked because it was too big).

Attach Plus makes it easy to ZIP documents "on-the-fly," as you are attaching them to an e-mail message. Keep in mind, however, that your recipient must have WinZip 9.0 or higher to decrypt the zip files created with Attach Plus.

The following steps show how to create a ZIP archive of your document(s):

  • From your e-mail, click on the Attach Files button
  • This opens the "Attach Plus - Select file(s)" screen - Navigate to the desired drive, folder and file
  • Highlight the document you wish to attach to the e-mail
  • Click the Attach Plus button at the bottom of the window

  • The Attach Plus window will appear

  • Select "ZIP File"
  • Click Attach
  • Your document is now zipped & attached to your e-mail

Tip: You can use Send To from several applications before clicking the Send button in Attach Plus. This will allow you to ZIP archive several files from different sources before actually attaching them to an e-mail.

Encrypted Zip Files

The only encryption supported by Attach Plus in the ZIP format is the new 256 bit strong AES encryption zip format promoted by WinZip. This means that your recipients will need to have WinZip 9.0 (or another ZIP application capable of reading AES encrypted ZIP files, such as PK Zip Reader) to extract data from the ZIP file created by Attach Plus.

Note: The older ZIP format supported rudimentary password protection, but the encryption in the old format was not strong enough to be practically used for encrypting email attachments. Because of this, Attach Plus does not support the old style ZIP password protection.

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