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1.3. Upfront Considerations

Here are things to consider as you plan a Symphony Profiler deployment:

  1. Which computer will run the Symphony Profiler Processor?  We recommend using the Indexer PC
  2. Which Worldox user code should the Symphony Profiler Processor use?  Worldox security will be enforced, so choose a user code that has full access to all areas of the document repository (we usually recommend using the 00000 user code, but check to ensure that there are no security configurations blocking that user code)
  3. We recommend that you configure the scanner(s) to place scanned documents into a dedicated Input Folder on the network.  For example, if your scanner supports creation of different scan profiles, create a scan profile on the scanner named 'Symphony' and have documents scanned with that profile get placed into a dedicated Symphony input folder.  You can use multiple folders if preferred
  4. Does the scanner(s) automatically detect and remove blank pages when users scan mixed duplex and single-sided pages?  If not, Symphony Profiler can perform blank page removal
  5. If you would like to utilize the firm's own SMTP Servers for the purpose of configuring the daily status notification e-mails, what is the SMTP (mail) server name and, if it requires authentication, the login name and password?  Alternatively, you may opt to use Symphony's email server (See Email Configuration for more information)
  6. Which users should receive notification of issues with regards to reservations, and what are their e-mail addresses?
  7. Have you configured the scanner to scan with a minimum of 300dpi?  Symphony Profiler can encounter problems reading the barcode of documents scanned with 200dpi or lower.
  8. If you have a "Hole removal" feature, we recommend disabling that  as it can remove a portion of the barcode on the cover sheets.
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