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9.1. Opening Configuration files for the first time

Opening your Assemblage configurations on a new computer for the first time is a pretty simple Process. This guide will walk you through that process. This process works the same for the main Assemblage Configurations as well as the other Assemblage tools.

1.Open Assemblage and in the upper left corner Click on "Configuration" then "Open"

You will get a window that looks like this.

2.This sill show the folders inside your Assemblage folder. The Workspace folder contains your difference projects, double click it.

3.Now you should see a list of your Assemblage project folders. You can click on the project of the Configuration that you are looking for.

4.Now you'll see all the internal folders of the project. The one that you want to open is the "Config" folder.

5.Now you should see the familiar names of your configuration files. You can now select the one that you want to open.

After you load the first configuration Assemblage will remember that config folder that you last loaded from. If you want to load a config from another workspace you simply need to push the "up a folder" icon twice to get back to your Workspace folder.

Repeat steps 3 to 5 for the next configurations that you want to load.

Once the configuration has been loaded it will be remembered in the "Recent" list for future use.

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