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18.10. Configuring 3rd party monitoring software

If your firm uses a solution like Servers Alive to track the health of software and servers, you may want to have it monitor the Symphony OCR system status.

As of version 5.2.45, Symphony OCR adds a special status page that is easy for monitoring applications to parse:


This will return a plain text response that looks like this:

Depending on the state of Symphony OCR, the status values could be one of:

  • Status: OK
  • Status: WARN
  • Status: ERROR

Tip:  To test a change in status, go to the Processor configuration screen and stop the processor - this will switch the system status from OK to WARN.  Be sure to re-start the Processor after you are done testing.

Finally, here is the configuration screen for Servers Alive to check status of Symphony - if you use a different monitoring application, adjust as you see fit:

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