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11.4. Folders

Folders to Monitor

This is the list of folders that Symphony OCR is monitoring.

Search Frequency - The frequency in which the Finder will query this directory tree for new pdf & tif documents.

Default Priority - The priority level in which this directory will be processed.  For more information on setting document priorities see:  Processing Priorities

Add a folder

To add a folder or directory tree to the list of folders that should be monitored by Symphony OCR, add the path to the field and select "Add".  Symphony OCR will process the entire directory tree of the path you provide.  (e.g. X:\Clients will process all documents in the subfolders beneath X:\Clients, like X:\Clients\Anderson, Matthew and X:\Clients\Anderson, Matthew\Agreements, then select the Add button on the right.  This will add the directory tree to the list of folders that Symphony OCR is monitoring.

Note:  If you wish to process files in a hidden folder, you must explicitly indicate that folder. For example, if you have a root folder like X:\Clients and under that a hidden folder called "Inactive" (e.g. X:\Client\Inactive), you must explicitly add that folder to the Monitored folders.

Advanced Settings

Process Read Only Files - if you wish to process read-only files, you should check this check box


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