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3. Release Summary 1.0

Summary 1.0

  • Added support for EU and AU NetDocuments Datacenters
  • Added support for routing log messages to different files.
  • Adjusted the sort so that new envelopes display at the top of the user's envelope list.
  • Adjusted SignatureBridge so that when envelopes are Cancelled, the software ignores them
  • Ensured that duplicate document creation for a single envelope couldn't happen, and prevented multiple versions of a document to be created in a single envelope.
  • If a users is activated / deactivated, you can now adjust the state of the account
  • SignatureBridge users are marked as Admin users if the associated DocuSign user is both Active and an Administrator.
  • Added the ability to filter envelopes by user
  • Made the date selector more intuitive with a pre-selected date range.
  • Added searching capability to the Administrator page

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