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2. Change Log


- Improved error message if sync fails due to envelope PDF no longer being in NetDocuments
- If the last DMS sync failed, allow the user to manually sync even if the envelope is signed or canceled

0.2.18 -

- BUG FIX - If a user did not have an active SignatureBridge account, the error was not shown and the user was redirected to the welcome page.

0.2.17 -

- BUG FIX- files with semicolons in their name resulted in a 'document element did not contain the encoded document' error message ([NO_DOCUMENT_RECEIVED : 400])
- BUG FIX - account reminder and notification settings weren't being set on envelopes generated by SigBridge

0.2.13 -

- Improve error messages

0.2.12 -

- Admin users can now sync other users' envelopes without getting stuck in an infinite authentication loop
- Display an error message on the Envelope if the last sync was unsuccessful
- Bug fix - gracefully handle the conflict if a one SSID is passed in the URL, while the user is already logged in to another SS
- Improve error messages when NetDocuments token needs to be refreshed. We now include the NetDocuments username and vault name that needs to be used for the refresh.

0.2.10 -

- Display error message if user attempts to send an ND document that is Locked or Official Locked

0.2.8 -

- Added accountId to user info returned by various calls (esp useful in v1/activelogins response)

0.2.7 -

- Bug fix - if envelope syncing failed and an envelope PDF didn't already exist in the DMS, a new envelope PDF would get created every time a sync runs

0.1.213 -

- Bug fix - if envelope syncing failed and an envelope PDF didn't already exist in the DMS, a new envelope PDF would get created every time a sync runs

0.1.211 -

- Improve error message if failure happens during NetDocuments check out so the message includes the ND doc id of the document that failed to check out
- Added SB Account ID to Account Info screen

0.1.207 -

- If user is allowed to sync all envelopes in the account, allow syncing of any envelope on the account

0.1.206 - 

- Error response if DMS credentials aren't valid during a manual envelope sync and the current user is not able to refresh those credentials (i.e. admin user synching another user's envelope and DS credentials are bad), we now return a 403 FORBIDDEN, and a meaningful error message

0.1.204 -

- Bug fix - if the Envelope list loaded before the user list due to a large number of users, there could be an error displaying the users in the envelope list

0.1.203 -

- Better error messages if user sends an envelope, the SB license has errors, and the user isn't a DS admin

0.1.200 -

- Bug fix - Error when sending documents with really long folder paths or workspace names - Value too long for column "LOCATION VARCHAR_IGNORECASE(100) SELECTIVITY 23"

0.1.199 -

- Bug fix - some users getting error when logging in - Value too long for column \"DMSCONNECTIONS BINARY(10000)\"

0.1.198 -

- Bug fix - Show the error dialog when a user logs into an account that doesn't have any available users on the license. Previously it would just reset to the welcome screen.

0.1.197 -

- During account sync, if the license is more than 75 days past due, disable the account

0.1.196 -

- Add toggle to enable and disable accounts from the SysAdmin Account UI

0.1.195 -

- Move to NetDocsAPI-1.0.24 (recompiled to force Java 8 target - for some reason, 1.0.23 didn't work on Ryan's workstation, even though it did work on the SB server and on Kevin's workstation)

0.1.194 -

- Add ability to enable/disable accounts to the REST API (patch_accounts_accountid_update_settings) (requires Sys admin priveleges)

0.1.193 -

- Regression - Bug fix in 0.1.184 ('Bug fix - Envelopes left in drafts overnight were being marked 'deleted' in SigBridge') wasn't correct

0.1.184 -

- Bug fix - Envelopes left in drafts overnight were being marked 'deleted' in SigBridge
- Admin Envelopes screen now has the Refresh Status enabled for all envelopes - if pressed, it will force a sync, even if the envelope is marked as not requiring a sync

0.1.183 - pre release

- Bug fix - Increase overflow allowance for SS Account Buttons for long account names.

0.1.182 - pre release

- Changed default notification address for when a new account is created to be sales@trumpetinc.com instead of jo@trumpetinc.com
- Added accountmanager.newnotificationaddress property to control what email address will be notified when a new account is created (default is sales@trumpetinc.com)

0.1.180 - pre release

- makes it so we can catch NDAPIException and not worry about it being wrapped in a ProcessingException)

0.1.179 - dev release

- Better error handling in cases where the original document is no longer in the DMS (SB was failing to sync when updating bi-directional document links in this situation - we now log the problem and continue on - can't remove links from a document that doesn't exist)

0.1.177 - pre release

- Feature Enhancement - Allow auto-selecting DocuSign as the SignatureService via URL parameter from DMS Send command

0.1.176 - pre release

- Bug fix - account sync error message incorrectly stated "Unable to connect to Docusign with current credentials. Cannot verify license." - we now display an error message that includes the underlying true cause of the issue (typically that the sync user isn't a DS account admin)

0.1.175 - pre release
- Bug fix - some users saw a 'For input string: "2showConfirm=false"' error when sending documents to DocuSign

0.1.174 - pre release

- Bug fix - some users experienced 'Value too long for column' error after establishing NetDocuments connection

0.1.169 -

Final updates for NetDocus oAuth changes

0.1.162 -

- Deactivating a DS user no longer auto-deactivates the SB user (this was causing problems when the site's sync user was deactivated in DS then re-activated later)
- bug fix - New ND behavior broke how SignatureBridge authenticates to NetDocuments

0.1.159 -

- Update links to new Terms of Use agreement.

0.1.158 -

- If DMS sync fails for more than 10 days past the last DocuSign change, we now discontinue further automated DMS sync attempts unless there is an additional DocuSign change or user manually initiates a sync


- Purge dead envelopes: Was: 10 minutes, Now: 6 hours
- Send Heartbeats: Was: 5 minutes, Now: 30 minutes
- Update licenses: Was: 5 minutes, Now: 30 minutes
- Purge expired tokens: Was: 2 minutes, Now: 10 minutes
- Backup databases: Was: 30 seconds, Now: 4 hours


- Changes to NetDocuments OAuth token handling to support upcoming NetDocuments OAuth changes


- Bug fix - User info wasn't being properly checked for isActive/enabled state if a single DS user had multiple DS accounts
- Inactive users who attempt to log in now fail with a 403
- Update UI to handle 403 for inactive users


- Refactor patch_user_update_settings() so it doesn't attempt to sync the user's state when users are activated/deactivated via API call - this isn't necessary and prevents sys admins from adjusting active/inactive state of other accounts


- SB users are now marked as Admin if the associated DocuSign user is both Active and Admin (regardless of whether the user is active in SB or not) - original behavior was to only set SB admin if the SB user was active.


- Bug fix - Clicking View In NetDocuments at the enveloper level did not work (ND changed their behavior on 4/19/2018)


- Sync DS user with the SB user every time the user logs in


- Added ability to filter Envelope list by user


- Fixed bug when creating new account after redirect login workflow.
- Fixed display bug of account setup steps on Internet Explorer.


- Updated UI to handle multiple accounts with new redirect login workflow.


- Changed DocuSign login to redirect instead of a popup window.

- Refactored recent changes to prevent passing devMode flag through the code


- Moved to NetDocsAPI 1.0.6 to fix issue with Profile date fields
- Added a devMode flag to ServerProperties
- Prevented sync user cred emails from being sent if in development mode


- Made date selector UI more intuitive with pre-selected date range


- Fixed bug in filtering with multiple fields - needed to urlEncode & between fields.
- Added unit test for filtering


- Bug fix - remove toUpperCase from sorting/filtering keys, now requiring case sensitive json property names
- Bug fix - when paging, the nextStart was 1 more than what it should have been

0.1.128 -

- Changes to comply with Accellis penetration testing 2017Q3 - Added exclusions for cipher suites and https protocols, set minimum DH key size to 2048

0.1.127 -

- Made the logging work from a log4j2.xml file in devapphome if the app is in dev mode, else from the packaged config file

0.1.126 -

- Restricted the new DELETE /accounts/{accountId} call to also only work if the account license is in ERROR

0.1.125 -

- Added DELETE /accounts/{accountId} to the available api calls. This call is only available to sysadmins, and will, without
confirmation, delete an account, including all user, envelopes, documents, license, status, and recipients
- Added methods to all of the DAO classes to delete their records associated with the given foreign key (accountid, envelopeid)
- Added a method to AccountManager to delete an account and all associated records
- Added a method to EnvelopeManager to delete an envelope and all associated documents and recipients
- Added assertAllAccountAccess() to AccountAccessInfo to support sync user validation

0.1.124 -

- Modified log4j2.xml to decrease the size of the individual account log files and the number retained

0.1.123 -

- Added a background database backup process that backs up the database every 3 hours.
- Database backup interval is customizable with server.properties setting "dbBackup.intervalminutes"
- Added the database backup status to heartbeats
- Modified the envelope details jsp to synchronize if an envelope redirect has a state of "saved"

0.1.122 -
- Add search capability to Admin page

0.1.121 -

- Added new folder specific methods to DSApiWrapper
- Added SSInfo and DSSSInfo to support storage of SS specific additional info
- Modified the OAuth scope for NetDocuments to allow file deletion
- Updated database to v8. Added SSINFO column to SBENVELOPE, to contain SS information. Currently only contains recycle folder.
- DocuSign recycle bin folder id is now stored in the envelope record (ssinfo) when a new envelope is created
- Fixed a bug in the envelope sync that was causing draft envelopes to never be purged
- Removed the "created" state handler in the envelope creation redirect method, as the envelope sync now handles this use case
- Modified SBEnvelope to contain an SSInfo object. Updated SBEnvelopeDAO to read and store SSInfo
- Modified EnvelopeManager::cancelEnvelope to store envelope description changes as it cancels the envelope
- Made changes to EnvelopesAPI cancelEnvelope() api call (currently unused) to flesh it out a bit more


- Added Mixpanel to UI to track how users are using SB.

0.1.118 -

- Modified the user settings api call to rename "active" to "enabled" in the json body
- Reevaluated the license status after a user is disabled

0.1.117 -

- Modified Sync User background failed email to be less hostile
- Added support for a "U" Active User license feature, that bases licensing on the number of active
SignatureBridge users, rather than the DocuSign seats in use
- Added a new API call to patch user settings. /v1/accounts/{accountId}/users/{userId}/settings. The call requires
a body that contains "active" : "true/false"
- Modified TokensAPI accessTokens method to check licensed seats when creating a new user
- Added a new builder method to SBAccountUser that handles active and admin settings for existing users
- If a user is set to not active, it is also set to not an account admin
- If a user is set to active, it is only made active if it is a) active in DocuSign and b) there is a seat available
on the license
- Account sync was modified to only set a user to active if they are active in SignatureBridge and in DocuSign

0.1.114 -

- Replaced the background thread executor with a new version that handles timeouts and errors
- New background thread executor will restart a thread that has failed, and will interrupt hung threads
- Modified /systemstatus and /threadstates to work with the new background thread executor

0.1.113 -

- Added create_systems_table_v7 for schema changes to support sync user problem emailing
- Updated the database to V7
- Added firstSyncEmailSent and numSyncEmailsSent columns to the SBAccountStatus table. By
default, firstSyncEmailSent is null and numSyncEmailsSent is 0.
- Modified AccountSyncService and EnvelopeSyncService to send the sync user an email when a sync
fails due to invalid sync user credentials
- Added SyncEmailServices to provide common methods for sending emails related to synchronization
- Set the sync user email From address to support@trumpetinc.com

0.1.112 -

- Refactored envelope creation portion of DMS synchronizer to separate it from document management
- Committed envelope dmsId to database immediately after envelope creation {tpt73000}
- Added deleteDocument(id) to NDApiWrapper
- Modified the background thread buffer time to be 10 minutes, to account for api call lags and help
prevent false indications of hung threads
- Made the /systemstatus call dump all threads to threadDump.log if the overall background thread state isn't OK

0.1.111 -

- Modified /systemstatus to throw an error if the background threads are not all in a good state.

0.1.110 -

- Modified /syncinfo to return AccountInfoContainerDTO so the interface will update after they sync user is modified
- Added button to Account Info page so users could make themselves the sync user for their account
- Modified SBLicenseDAO to replace a default date with an expired date for a license with a default date (legacy FREE_TRIAL) licenses)
- Modified LicenseInfoDTO to replace a default date with an expired date for a license with a default date (legacy FREE_TRIAL) licenses)
- Changed background account sync to catch issues with DocuSign connection, and upon having such, set the license to
an ERROR state.
- Modified the error message returned from the envelope creation call if the sync user creds are invalid, to provide instructions
on how to fix the issue.
- Added version.html to easily see the installed version.

0.1.109 -

- Modified license error text when too many DocuSign seats are in use to be less confusing
- If license is in error when attempting to create an envelope, we now check for an updated license before failing out
- Added /threadstates to RootAPI (/v1/threadstates) to return the current states of all SigBridge background threads as Json text
- Added /systemstatus to RootAPI (/v1/systemstatus) to return the current overall state of all SigBridge background threads as
a single text string ("OK", "ERROR")

0.1.108 -

- No longer update the save PDF setting on existing envelopes when the account level settings change
- Prevented update to save PDF settings if one of them isn't set to true. We require either envelope or document pdf to be saved.
- Modified DMS sync to only create an envelope PDF in the DMS if the saveEnvelopePDF flag is true for the envelope.
- Modified DMS sync to now download the individual document PDF files as new versions of the documents, and attach the
signature certificate to the documents, upon signature completion of an envelope, if the saveDocumentPDF setting is
true for the envelope.
- Updated UI to add saveEnvelopePDF and saveDocumentPDF settings

0.1.107 -

- Modified envelope creation method slightly to ensure DS envelope doc is only downloaded once.
- Updated envelope creation method to only download the envelope certificate if the envelope is completed (signed)
- Updated DB schema to version 6, including the addition of saveEnvelopePDF and saveDocumentPDF columns to SBAccount and SBEnvelope.
Both fields are booleans. SaveEnvelopePDF defaults to true and saveDocumentPDF defaults to false
- Upon envelope creation, the owning account values for saveEnvelopePDF and saveDocumentPDF are copied to the new envelope
- The AccountAPI /settings call now support changing the account saveEnvelopePDF and saveDocumentPDF settings.
- Changes to the account saveEnvelopePDF and saveDocumentPDF settings are propagated to all envelopes owned by the account
- AccountInfoDTO no longer has a settings block for the requireUserForDocSync variable. The variable is now it's own field
- AccountInfoDTO was updated to have saveEnvelopePDF and saveDocumentPDF fields
- EnvelopeInfoDTO and SummaryEnvelopeInfoDTO were updated to have saveEnvelopePDF and saveDocumentPDF fields
- SBAccountsDAO calls were updated to retrieve and store saveEnvelopePDF and saveDocumentPDF fields
- SBEnvelopeDAO calls were updated to retrieve and store saveEnvelopePDF and saveDocumentPDF fields
- Plugged small hole in the DMS sync email notification logic which allowed it to fail on pre-env doc envelopes
- Moved ND login prompt for testing into TestUtils

0.1.106 -

- Modified NDApiWrapper create doc in same location method to first attempt to store the new doc in the same folder
as the existing doc, and upon failure, still just store the doc in the cabinet. This adds support for folder-only cabinets.
- Modifications to NDApiWrapper will automatically cause the DMSSynchronizer to support folder-only cabinets

0.1.105 DevRelease -

- Modified unit tests to prompt for DMS credentials, should the stored ones not exist or are found invalid
- Now we store the new or refreshed unit test DMS credentials back to the test connection file, so they stay updated

0.1.104 -

- Modified NDApiWrapper to add methods for refreshing the ND token and returning the results

0.1.103 -

-UI Changes to account for API changes in 0.1.102

0.1.102 -

- Created TokensAPI to contain token related api calls
- Refactored token API calls from RootAPI and AccountsAPI into TokensAPI, including modification of paths
- Refactored AccountsAPI configuration and initial authentication into a method in RootAPI
- Added a new UNKNOWN SignatureServiceId type
- Added a static NO_ACCESS AccountAccessInfo object, for cases where we don't have valid auth tokens
- Added several assertion methods to AccountAccessInfo, to centralize authentication checks
- Added a new allowsAllEnvelopesAccess() method to AccountAccessInfo to provide more concise authentication check capability
- Added a static NO_ACCESS SignatureServiceAccessInfo object, for cases where we don't have valid auth tokens
- Added several assertion methods to SignatureServiceAccessInfo, to centralize authentication checks
- Added the ability to create an unknown SBId, to help with creation of empty/unknown auth cases
- Reworked api method level authentication to use the new helper methods, and reduce repetitive code
- Created TokensAPITest to unit test new TokensAPI

0.1.101 -

- Added api call to cancel envelopes. This call does not check that the envelope be in a valid state for canceling, and does
not sync the sigbridge envelope/docs afterward.
- https:{rooturl}/accounts/{accountId}/envelopes/{envId}/cancelrequests?ssToken={ssToken} to cancel an envelope in DocuSign
- Modified envelope creation to not create an envelope document in NetDocuments until the envelope has been sent
- Envelope creation in NetDocuments will place the envelope in the location of the first document that contains signature requirements.
In the event none of the docs have signature requirements, or the signature requirements fail to be retrieved, or the
envelope fails to be created in one of these locations, the envelope will be created in the location of the first document with no
signature requirements.
- Added new SBSignatureState, EXT_NOSIGREQ, to represent external documents that don't require a signature
- Modified the envelope and document sync logic to use the new EXT_NOSIGREQ state
- Modified the document state message for external documents that don't require signature to be "Added via DocuSign - No Signature Required"
- Modified the document state message for external documents that require signature, once signed, to be "Added via DocuSign - Signed"

0.1.100 -

- Added logging to troubleshoot issues with empty DMSConnection data

0.1.99 -

- Added support for sorting to the envelope api calls.
- Added a SortFactory to parse incoming sort strings from the api calls, validate them, and create database "order by"
where clauses with them. Sorting is currently only supported for the same columns supported by filtering, and isn't implemented
in the client ui at this time. If no sort filter is provided in the api call, the existing default sort by sorttime descending
is used.
- The format for the sort query item in the api call is "sort=[-][key]|[-][key]... where [-] is an optional indication of a descending sort,
and key is the column description to sort by
- Renamed SBEnvelopeFilter enum to SBEnvelopeColumn
- Created a Sortable interface for use by the SortFactory and required by enums to be used for sorting column definitions
- Fixed minor bug with string wildcard filters

0.1.98 -

- Modified licensing-related unit tests so they don't fail after the license period expires

0.1.97 -

- Added support for paging to the envelope api calls.
- Using offset and limit, the envelopes record retrieval can be further controlled, allowing for paging of results.
For example, 'offset=5' will start retrieving results with the 5th record (0 based). 'limit=20' will limit the returned
results to 20 records. The returned json will now include a Pagination block that will include the start index, the limit requested,
whether more results exist, and the next start index after the returned set. Offset and length are both optional. Not including
either will return all results. Not including offset will result in the results starting with the first record. Not including
limit will result in all remaining records being returned.

0.1.96 -

- Added a FilterFactory and many supporting classes/enums in order to parse incoming filter strings, validate them, and create database
where clauses from them. Filtering currently is only supported for a handful of SBEnvelope columns, and isn't implemented in the client ui
at this time. To use filtering, the existing envelopes api call now accepts a query param of the format "filter=[key][operator][value]&[key][operator][value]...
For example, 'filter=name::*Rebecca*&state::signed' will return all envelopes for the current user that have a description containing "Rebecca" and
which are in a Signed state.
- Added SummaryEnvelopeInfoDTO to support summary envelope information returns
- Modified the envelope details returned from the envelopes api call to return a summary of information, rather than near-full envelope contents
- Added filtering to the envelope retrieval api call
- Added filtering to the all envelopes retrieval api call (sysadmin level call)
- Added many unit tests to ensure filtering works, and updated others for the changes to the envelope return json

0.1.95 -

- Fixed bug in envelope creation that allowed a failure if a document cabinet isn't writable

0.1.94 -

- Bug fix - 'Illegal character in query at index' error when sending some documents from NetDocuments (|1 at the end)

0.1.90 -

- When an envelope is signed, the contained documents will no longer be renamed to have "[Signed]" appended
to their names. Instead, their filenames will be reverted back to their original name.

0.1.82 -

- If the DocuSign call to determine which documents in an envelope require signatures fails, all NetDocuments documents contained
in the envelope will be treated as if they require signature. This will include checking them out, renaming them, and
linking them to the envelope document. An email will be sent to Trumpet, informing them of the problem.

0.1.81 -

- The envelope pdf file in NetDocuments is now named "<envelope subject> [<sigsvc pretty name> - <envelope state>]"

0.1.74 -

- Bug fix - browser caching was preventing new versions of html and js files from being loaded

0.1.73 -

- Removed the View in NetDocuments button for documents when an envelope URL exists
- Disabled the envelope View in NetDocuments button if the envelope URL doesn't exist

0.1.64 -

- Completed the DMS side of syncing, including history changes to documents, and no longer storing the modified documents upon completion
- Deprecated the legacy sync api call that sent an envelope and a document
- Created a new sync api call that just sends the envelope to sync

0.1.63 -

- Modified envelope sync to sync update the envelope document in NetDocuments - name changes to show state, links to/from
contained documents, history updates, checked out/in, update actual doc with signed version

0.1.62 -

- During envelope sync, we will create an envelope pdf in NetDocuments at the path of the first contained document if said pdf doesn't exist

0.1.61 -

- Modified the envelope sync to update the envelope description with any email subject change

0.1.50 -

- Caught DocuSign exceptions during envelope creation, cleaned them up a bit and formatted them in basic html

0.1.46 -

- Bug fix - html in error dialogs was rendering as HTML

0.1.44 -

- Added port redirection on server.sslport - any request on ports other than the primary (the first port) will now be redirected to the primary port

0.1.43 -

- Added server.forcesecure to server.properties. If true, requests to insecure ports will be redirected to the first port in server.sslport. Default is true.

0.1.41 -

- Improved envelope creation error messages to provide details of documents that are preventing envelope creation

0.1.38 -

- Prevented envelope creation if any contained document is already in a SYNCING state
- Set document DMS connection information to Unknown once it enters a signed state
- On envelope sync, set any contained documents that are no longer in the DocuSign envelope to a state of CANCELED
- When an envelope is set to SIGNED, the DocuSign certificate is stored as an attachment to all contained documents in NetDocuments

0.1.36 -

- Added client logging support through new api call

0.1.35 -

- Set envelope state and all contained document states to CANCELED and Deleted in DocuSign if the envelope fails to sync because
DocuSign has purged it.
- Added a daily service that sets any envelopes/documents that are active but are no longer in DocuSign to a
canceled state. Updates "draft" envelopes to a new state if it has changed in DocuSign

0.1.33 -

- Added support for specifying multiple server.port and server.sslport values (separated by commas or semicolons)

0.1.32 -

- Added license update support

0.1.31 -

- Added System Admin support to the product

0.1.30 -

- Added heartbeat support. All enabled accounts will send heartbeats after daily sync occurs.

0.1.29 -

- Prevented duplicate document creation for a single envelope
- Prevented multiple versions of a document to be created for a single envelope
- Prevented envelope creation if any contained documents aren't accessible (perms, checked out, invalid version, etc)

0.1.28 -

- Bug fix - In Envelopes with multiple documents, only one document was being synced
- Bug fix - Internet Explorer users would not see newly created Envelopes in the SB envelopes list
- Bug fix - Internet Explorer users would get "Envelope not found" errors after sending the envelope (IE caching issue)
- Bug fix - Internet Explorer users would get Invalid token error messages if three was a delay of more than 15 minutes between the first envelope send and the second envelope send (IE caching issue)

0.1.27 -
- Added EncryptionKeyUpdater, which will move the db version to 4, and will attempt to fix any encryption
issues caused by the recent changes to encryption

0.1.26 -

- Prevented free trial license generation when not in SaaS mode. Instead, created an invalid license for new accounts


- Removed ssAccountId from GET /signatureservicetokens/{sstoken}

0.1.24 -

- Added SaaS mode, so we can differentiate between installed and cloud servers.
- Prevented envelope creation if license is in an invalid state

0.1.22 -

- Added API call to update an account with a new license string. The license status is updated immediately.
- Fixed bug license start and expiration dates weren't getting updated in the license table

0.1.20 -

- Fixed bug where the Document state wasn't being changed to Canceled or Sent if it had previous been set to Done, but the
envelope status moved from a done state.
- DB Schema Change - v3
Added new tables SBAccountStatus (for account sync info) and SBLicenseInfo (for license info)
Moved license field from SBAccount to SBLicenseInfo, and migrated existing data to new data
Removed status field from SBAccount
Added createdDate field to SBAccount and populated all existing rows with '2016-04-10' (date SB went Beta)
Added a constraint on SBAccount that prevents multiple rows for a SSId/SSAccountID combination
Added a constraint on SBAccountUser that prevents multiple rows for an SSId/SSUserId/SBAccountId combination
- Modified SBAccount creation api to also add a related row to the SBAccountStatus
- Modified SBAccount synchronization to update its account status when it is run
- Fixed bug in account synchronizer, where new users weren't being committed to the database.
- Added SignatureBridge license generation and status support
- Modified SBAccount creation api to also add a new license info row when a new SBAccount is created
- Modified SBAccount synchronization to update the account license with seat and start/expire info when it is run
- Modified account sync to not auto-add missing users, but to update existing users with changes from DocuSign. Set users
not reported by DS to non-admin and not active
- Modified the user token retrieve api method to create the user, if it doesn't already exist in the database.
- Set Free Trial license expiration to 30 days

0.1.19 -

- Added logging if keystore.jks isn't found
- Enhanced KeySetup tool so it now prompts for encryption keys for the database encryption, the keystore manager password and the keystore entry password
- Command line is now: java com.trumpetinc.signaturebridge.KeySetup /setkeys

0.1.18 -

- SQL fix - syncUser info was causing extraneous records to be returned
- Bug fix - prevent multiple AP calls to create SB Account for the same signature service account id
- Bug fix - one of the lookups by signature service account ID didn't include the SSId (could be a problem if two signature services had the same account ids)
- Modified callback from envelope creation to check if the envelope was canceled during creation, and mark it as
such if it was
- Bug fix - changed the authorization check position in the validation request, to prevent possible exception
- Modified the EnvelopeStateSynchronizer to ignore envelopes that have already been canceled
- Added Envelope Canceled dialog to the user.html, to show the user that a new envelope was canceled before being sent
- Database encryption key is now set on a per site basis - the key must be set for any install using "java com.trumpetinc.signaturebridge.KeySetup /setkey <plaintextkey>", or if operating from a true console (not in an IDE), you can use java com.trumpetinc.signaturebridge.KeySetup /setkey and then you will be prompted for the key" - SigBridge will fail to launch until this has been done.

0.1.17 -

- Newer envelopes now display at the top of the user's envelope list
- Documents in envelopes that haven't been sent now are now labeled "In DocuSign drafts" instead of "Awaiting signatures"

0.1.16 -

- Added support for routing log messages to different files, using the ThreadContext->ROUTINGKEY mapping
- Added initial support for routing account specific log messages to log files of the format [accountid].log

0.1.15 -

- Small bug fix related to invalid DS access token corner case
- Bug fix - invalidated DS token workaround from 0.1.14 didn't work in all cases (database commit missing)

0.1.14 -

- Temporary work around for DocuSign invalidating tokens on background services - for now, when sync user logs in, we update the sync token in the database
- Added /accounts/{accountid}/users to retrieve full list of users for the account
- Added the sync user info detail in AccountInfo response (user name in addition to the user id - note that this changed the json format - GUI will need to be adjusted to accommodate!)
- Removed signaturebridge.location from the properties file, and added signaturebridge.rooturi (Which should specify the root of the SB URL - i.e. signaturebridge.rooturi=http://localhost:4242 or signaturebridge.rooturi=https://signaturebridge.trumpetinc.com:4243
- signaturebridge.rooturi is now a required field in server.properties (all sites must set this value explicitly)

0.1.12 -

- SignatureBridge will now accept and sync Word documents. The signed document is stored as a new version that is a PDF. Users can view prior versions in NetDocuments To retrieve the original Word document

0.1.10 -

- Bug fixes for EU and AU NetDocuments datacenters

0.1.9 -

- Added support for EU and AU NetDocuments datacenters

0.1.6 -

- Added server.properties setting to control which signature services will be presented in the UI - e.g. signatureservices=DSDEV,DS - default is signatureservices=DS

0.1.4 -

- Removed call to retrieve envelope information after creating envelope - we now rely on the data returned from the create call

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