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15.19. Symphony OCR use of other Servers

Symphony OCR communicates with outside servers for the following purposes:

  • Cloud-based DMS Systems (e.g. NetDocuments, SharePoint) for the purposes of finding, analyzing and processing documents
  • Downloading parts of the system during installations and updates including the Symphony Engine and the necessary 32-bit version of Java Runtime
  • Sending nightly notification emails
  • Checking for license updates
  • Checking for software updates
  • Providing you with links to user documentation
  • Sending heartbeat information.  Heartbeats provide a small amount of detail that allow our support team to monitor the health of your Symphony OCR software in order to take proactive actions if there are issues.  The heartbeats do not include reference to any specific document, or the contents of the document.  Here's an example of a heartbeat:

    Status: OK
    Service: false
    User: admin.nd
    AvailableCPUs: 6
    ParallelDocuments: 4
    ParallelPages: 1
    Pages left: 12344
    OCR backlog: 3158221 pgs
    Usage: {}
    AnalyzerUsage: {6632=[6632,989948,9715768]}
    ND preserve update info: true
    ND versioning enabled: Do not create versions

If you require the list of servers to configure your firewall and ensure that Symphony OCR will work nicely on your network, please email us at support@trumpetinc.com requesting the confidential document entitled: 

External Servers Used by Symphony OCR (134350)

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