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4. Release Summary: 6.6

Summary 6.6:

  • Added OpenText integration
  • Worldox executable and dll files are now mirrored to a private copy. 
  • Added Basic Setting configuration option for specifying the Worldox network path
  • Added Advanced Setting to display the location of the private mirror folder
  • Updated the Welcome Wizard
  • Adjusted the “Always” email notification to read “Daily”
  • Symphony OCR now checks to ensure that the version of Worldox is prior to the WDU10 release prior to checking 8.3 filename information
  • Added Multi CPU support Symphony OCR will now process documents in parallel based on the number of CPU cores available (the default is 4)
  • Added the ability to Delete files in the Moved / Unavailable document lists
  • Improved the detection of pages that should be OCR'd even though they have excessive text in margins
  • Improved the detection of pages that should not be OCR'd even if they have full images on the page and rendered text beneath the image.
  • Added a new "Renew Connection" button to NetDocument settings window

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