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3.1. Quick Start Configuration Guide - Worldox

For a video of these steps, visit:  Symphony OCR - Configure for Worldox

Establish the Worldox User

  • Enter the Worldox user code (typically the 000000 user)
  • Select "Save Changes"

Select the 'Profile Groups to Monitor'

  • Select which Profile Groups / Cabinets you wish to process
  • Select "Save Changes"

For more detailed information and advanced settings for configuring Symphony OCR, visit Configuration Guide - Worldox

What Now?

Symphony OCR should be off and running now! The Finder is looking through your repository and sending documents to the Analyzer to determine what needs to be processed. The Analyzer sends any documents eligible for OCR to the Processor which applies an invisible layer of text to the document.

By default, Symphony OCR queries the Worldox document repository for newly saved and modified files every 15 minutes.  Generally speaking, newly saved files will be OCRed within about 15 minutes.  Depending on the volume of image-only documents already filed to Worldox, it may take a while for Symphony OCR to process the backlog (legacy files).  Symphony OCR gives precedence to newer files, so documents that are scanned today will be processed before the backlog.

Refer to the section, Configuration Guide - Worldox - Finder for further information on finder settings that determine when Symphony OCR locates files for processing.

Refer to the section, Configuration Guide - Worldox - Processor for further information on configuration settings that determine which files are processed.

Note:  While Symphony OCR will likely process documents within about 15 minutes, they will not be immediately available from within Worldox via 'Text in file' searches.  Within 15 minutes, you will be able open the file and search for text that way (ie. Ctrl+F).  But for the documents to be returned in the 'Text in file' searches, the Worldox text index needs to be updated (which normally happens every night).  So despite your files being OCRed, you will need to wait until the next day (typically) in order to do full text in file searching via Worldox.

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