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1.4. Sending Your First Document - Approve Integration

Approve Integration with NetDocuments and DocuSign

Now that you've a) created a SignatureBridge account, and configured your NetDocuments account to allow the SignatureBridge Send To application you're ready to send your first document. There are still a couple one-time steps to complete your setup.

1) Right click on a document in NetDocs and select Send To Application

2) You will pass through the SignatureBridge portal as it directs you to DocuSign. Select DocuSign to proceed to log in and integrate the application.

Input your DocuSign Username and Password then, on the next frame hit Accept to allow Trumpet SignatureBridge to integrate. (Note: you may not be prompted to enter a username and password if you've already logged in to DocuSign in your browser in another tab)

3) Once you accept the DocuSign integration you'll need to do the same for NetDocuments. You should now see this one time prompt. Select Allow:

Now it will navigate you all the way in to DocuSign and you can send your document! Proceed to the next chapter in this guide for more information!

Tip: If you ever want or need to revoke these accesses, our FAQs have articles for revoking access in NetDocuments and DocuSign.

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