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1.2. How to Configure SignatureBridge within NetDocuments

Now that your SignatureBridge account is created and linked with your DocuSign account, you'll need to enable the Send To integration within your NetDocuments account.  Here's a video showing the steps:  Signature Bridge - Connect NetDocuments to SignatureBridge

Note: You will need admin credentials for your NetDocuments account to proceed. You must use the admin credentials in order for all users to have access to the SignatureBridge integration.

Step 1: Navigate to NetDocuments and log in using your admin credentials.


Step 2: Click “Admin” in the top right hand corner of NetDocuments.


Step 3: Click on the cabinet link (each cabinet will have to be configured separately).
Note: if the cabinet name is not a hyperlink then you probably do not have cabinet administration privileges.




Step 4: In the top left corner click on the link that says “Integrate external applications”.



Step 5: Check the box for Trumpet SignatureBridge, then “Save”, found at the bottom of the screen. Note: The default application is set for the United States NetDocuments Vault and a standard Docusign Account.  If you need to send documents to a DocuSign Demo account or an international account, please scroll below to the "Special Instructions" section for additional information.


Special Instructions: If you do not see the Send To command in your list OR if you need to send your documents to a DocuSign Demo account, click on the link in the top right corner that says “Add unpublished app” and enter the appropriate code:

NetDocuments VaultDocuSign TypeApp ID
US  United StatesDocusign AP-FHJNVBJ7
US  United States Docusign Demo AP-K5BW5JM4
AU  AustraliaDocusign AP-LCI18TSI
AU  Australia Docusign Demo AP-DZO0GZF1 
EU  EuropeanDocusign AP-PHGEQSQN
EU  EuropeanDocusign Demo AP-6UXO7EK4

Step 6:
Repeat steps 1-5 with all cabinets that will need access to SignatureBridge.

After these steps have been completed, SignatureBridge will be available to ALL* NetDocuments users within the cabinets you configured.

*At this time, we are not aware of any method for restricting users to Send To commands. That would be controlled by permissions settings within NetDocuments. Reach out to their support for information or to submit feature requests.

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