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9.2. Symphony Profiler Licensing & Updates

Updating your Symphony Profiler license / software is a two step process, the first, is to update your Symphony Profiler software, and the second is to update your Symphony Profiler license.  The following are instructions for doing each of these operations:

Update Symphony Profiler Software

These steps assume that you have received an email instructing you to update your Symphony installation.  Depending on the update notification, that email may contain your client code and/or license number.

  1. Connect to the workstation that Symphony Profiler Processor is running on (this is usually the indexer PC)
  2. In the Symphony Profiler Processor application, click Help > Check for Updates.  Save to your desktop
  3. Double-click the Symphony Profiler installer
  4. Click "Next", then "I Agree"
  5. Leave the installation folder as the root of the *network* folder that contains your Symphony Profiler installation (if you are updating, this should be pre-filled), then click "Next"
  6. After the installation completes, leave the "Install Symphony Profiler Processor" checkbox checked, then click "Finish"
  7. The Symphony Profiler Processor installer will now launch
  8. Click "Next"
  9. Leave the installation folder as the default (this will be installing to the local C drive of the workstation), click "Next"
  10. After the installation finishes, leave the "Start Symphony Profiler Processor" checkbox checked, then click "Finish"
  11. The new version of Symphony Profiler Processor will launch

That's all there is to it!

Note for if users have the local workstation component installed on their computers (the component is not technically required, but many still have it and prefer it): Once the back-end is updated, the workstations will receive an update notification the next time Symphony Profiler Workstation is launched (normally when users log in) - to get the Workstation update sooner, you can close Symphony Profiler Workstation and re-launch it, then follow the update prompts.

Update Symphony Profiler License

Starting with version 1.7.28, Symphony Profiler will have an 'Automatic License Update' feature.  Basically, after you've paid your yearly invoice with Trumpet, a new license is automatically generated.  So if your installation has access to the Trumpet servers, Symphony Profiler will see this new license, download and install.

Note:  Symphony will check for a new license once every 3 days under normal circumstances, and once per day when your license is within 30 days of expiring.

If you've paid your invoice (and received notification of a new license) and don't want to wait for the automatic update to kick in, you can perform the following steps:

  • Open the Symphony Profiler Processor (from the Indexer workstation)
  • Navigate to Edit -> Preferences
  • Select "Licensing" in the left hand navigation panel
  • Select 'Check for Latest License' button on this page. 

This will manually trigger Symphony Profiler to retrieve the updated license from Trumpet's servers.  As mentioned, all of this assumes your installation has access to Trumpet's servers.  If a connection cannot be established, you can always copy/paste your new license into this screen.

When you receive notification from Trumpet that your new license is generated, it is still highly recommended that you A) update your installation to the latest version of the software, and B) verify your license has been updated.

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