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1. Assemblage Licensing & Updates

Updating your Assemblage license / software is a two step process, the first, is to update your Assemblage software, and the second is to update your Assemblage license.  The following are instructions for doing each of these operations:

Updating your Assemblage Software

These steps assume that you have received an email instructing you to update your Assemblage installation.  Depending on the update notification, that email may contain your client code and/or license number.

  1. Ensure that no one else in your firm has Assemblage open.  Then, launch it on your workstation.
  2. Download the new Assemblage installer, by going to "Help -> Check for Updates" in Assemblage
  3. Double click the Assemblage installer for the Production Version
  4. Choose the *network* folder where Assemblage is installed
  5. If prompted for your client code, type in the client code provided in the update notification email
  6. Accept all other defaults
    Tip: If you receive an error message about not being able to overwrite assemblage.exe, it means that another user is running Assemblage. Please have them close it, then try again.
  7. Launch Assemblage by double clicking on the Assemblage.exe application
  8. If prompted for your license number, copy and paste it from the update notification email


That's all there is to it!

Updating your Assemblage License

Starting with version 2.2.93, Assemblage will have an 'Automatic License Update' feature.  After you've paid your yearly invoice with Trumpet, a new license is automatically generated.  Therefore, if your installation has access to the Trumpet servers, Assemblage will see this new license, download and update the license number automatically.

Note:  Assemblage will check for a new license when it is launched.  If the license has expired or will expire in the next 30 days, Assemblage will automatically update it.

If you've paid your invoice (and received notification of a new license) and don't want to wait for the automatic update to kick in, you can follow these instructions to input your license manually:

  • Open Assemblage (or any of the Assemblage tools)
  • Select "Tools-> Preferences"
  • Select "License" in the navigation panel on the left hand side of the screen
  • Paste your license number in to the License Number: field, and then select "Add License"
  • Select "OK"

As mentioned, all of this assumes your installation has access to Trumpet's servers.  If a connection cannot be established, you simply follow the instructions listed above.

When you receive notification from Trumpet that your new license is generated, it is still highly recommended that you A) update your installation to the latest version of the software, and B) verify your license has been updated.


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