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9.8. Older versions of GoldMine


Older versions of GoldMine do not support Windows 7 properly.  Lot's of things don't get registered properly.  It may look like it's working, but things can get squirrely, so just be hyper-aware that you are *way* off of a supported configuration if you insist on running old versions of GM under Windows Vista or Windows 7.  This is totally unsupported by us (and I'm sure Front Range).

That said, you *can* trick GoldMine into registering itself as an email client, and if you are very careful, you can get GoldMine to run in a process space that allows for integration with other applications (UAC issues).

Here's how to get GoldMine to register itself as an email client with Windows 7:


  1. Close GoldMine
  2. Right click on the GoldMine executable
  3. Run As Administrator
  4. Log in to GM
  5. Wait for GM to finish launching all the way
  6. Immediately close GM

At this point, GM will now be registered as an email application, and if you close and re-open Attach Plus, it probably will detect that GoldMine is an available email client.


Next, you need to ensure that GM is running in the same process space as Attach Plus.  In task manager, if you show the UAC Virtualization column in the processes tab, you want to ensure that GoldMine has UAC Virtualization 'disabled'.  We can't provide help on how to do that, but it may involve disabling UAC, or possibly adding a manifest to the GoldMine executable.  As mentioned above, this configuration is way outside of supported, so you are kind of on your own if you really want to run this way.


Please note that this is totally unsupported and we will not respond to requests for help regarding this configuration.

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