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36.8. Deleting / Deactivating a User

Worldox Professional

When an employee leaves the firm, rather than deleting their user from Worldox, Trumpet recommends making the user inactive.  This will remove the user from the active Worldox user list, while still preserving their audit trail information, the "Filed by" field for documents the user has filed, and other important historical information.

To make a user inactive:

  • Launch the Worldox Admin application

  • Select Users -> Add / Edit

  • Highlight the user you wish to Deactivate, and select "Edit"

  • The Users > Edit window will open.  Un-check the checkbox next to "Active User"

  • Select "Save"
To see which users are active versus inactive, use the filter buttons:
Active users are blue, inactive users are red.

Worldox Cloud

If you need to deactivate a user, please notify us by sending an email to support@trumpetinc.com and we will coordinate deactivating your user.

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