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9.6. Error Message - Attach Plus refused the paper-clip integration request


When user clicks to attach a file (i.e. the 'paperclip' button) in their email client, they receive an error dialog stating "Attach Plus refused the paper-clip integration request. Paperclip integration will be disabled until Attach Plus is restarted"


For Attach Plus to integrate with other applications, it must run in the same process space as those other applications.  Somehow, the user has configured Attach Plus to run in a different process space.


  1. Locate the AttachPlus.exe file (generally under C:\Program Files\AttachPlus\  or C:\Program Files (x86)\AttachPlus\)
  2. Right click on the AttachPlus.exe file, choose Properties
  3. Switch to the Compatibility tab
  4. Ensure that the following are NOT checked:
    • Run this program in compatibility mode for...
    • Run this program as an administrator

Tip: You may want to click the 'Change settings for all users' button to ensure that things are set properly for all users on the workstation

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