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7.8. Search URLs to open document(s)

You can use a search URL to open a document outside the Worldox document repository.

In Virtuoso:

  • Right click on the Palette in which you would like to add the launcher button, and choose "Add Launcher Button
  • Leave the "Find Template Name" blank (you won't be utilizing a Worldox Find Template for the search)
  • In the Search URL field, type: 
    virtuoso:"Full path of the document"?
    (e.g. virtuoso:"P:\Templates\Advisory Agreement.pdf"?)
  • Select an icon for the button

This will open the document found at P:\Templates\Advisory Agreement.pdf

You can also add any command line parameters you wish to add to the end of the text.  For example:

virtuoso:"W:\My Folder\MySpreadsheet.xlsm"?/Test

will pass the /Test parameter to the newly opened document.

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