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18.20. How do I know Symphony OCR put text in my file?

If Symphony OCR has indicated in your Document Details that it has processed (OCR'd) a file but you'd like to see if with your own eyes, here are a couple tips/tricks we use to do that:

Remember: Symphony OCR applies an invisible layer of text to your files it does NOT control the search mechanisms withing your document repository. If your trying to do text-in-file searches inside your document repository and you're getting no hits then check to make sure file text/content is being indexed by your repository tools. Again, Symphony doesn't control text searches, it only puts text in your files.


You can open your PDF and use Ctrl+F (find) and then type out a word you see on the page. Presuming the file has text now, your PDF text finder should highlight the word your searching for. Be sure you're searching for a word that you already know exists within your document.

Copy Paste:

Alternatively, you can try copying and pasting text from your file as well. This will show you that the text is there and is accurate.

Once a document has been OCR'd you can copy the OCR'd results of a document to Microsoft Word or other word processing editor.

To do so:

  • Open the OCRd document in your PDF Viewer (See Checking Status of a Document to determine if the document has been OCR'd)
  • Select the text
    • Ctrl + A on your keyboard to select all the text in the document
    • Or Use the "Text" tool to select portions of the document 
  • Right Click Copy
  • In Word or other word processing document (ie. Notepad), Select Ctrl + V to paste the text (or you can right click "Paste")

Note: This will not preserve the formatting of the document (Headers, fonts, etc) which can be adjusted in Microsoft Word.

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