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16.2. Enable the Processing of Email Attachments

To enable processing of Email (.msg) message attachments:

  • Open the Symphony OCR interface (Accessing Symphony OCR)
  • In the Navigation panel on the left side, select "Processor"
  • In the Basic Settings section, select the "Process MSG (email) attachments check box:

  • Select "Save Changes"


32bit Outlook will need to be installed and launched once on the workstation that SOCR is installed to, however you don't have to configure an actual email address. If this has not been done then SOCR will provide an alert in your Summary page.

 Worldox Document Management System only:  The above enables the OCR of the email attachments, but in order to enable full indexing of email attachments in Worldox, you will need to enable the feature.  Here are the instructions:  How to Enable Text Indexing of Email Attachments

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