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18.3. System Requirements

Symphony OCR System Requirements

Symphony OCR is typically installed to a single machine.

Symphony OCR Requires:

Windows 7 or later 
Windows Server 2003 or later
Physical or virtual machine
750 MHz or faster processor 
1 GB available disk space
100 Mbps or better network connection to your file server
The operating system must be 64-bit or higher (starting in versions 8.0)

For Wordox DMS integration, Symphony OCR is typically installed to the PC that also runs the Worldox indexer, but this is not required.

Note: The OCR process will automatically throttle itself if another process on the same computer needs to run.

Note: If you wish to OCR email attachments, then the 32bit version of Outlook (2010 or newer) will need to be installed as well. Does not work with 64 bit Outlook.

Workstation considerations for maximum performance:

4 core CPU, highest clock speed available (up to 16 cores if you purchase a license that supports additional cores)
At least 4 GB RAM
Fast network connection between the PC and server (1 gbps is recommended)
100 GB+ Disk space



While definitely not required, some clients like to back up the Symphony OCR database, which resides in the 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Trumpet\SymphonyOCR\data' folder, on a nightly basis.  But it's not required — The Symphony OCR machine can be recreated using the documents in your document management system.

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