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20.1. Needs Attention

Needs Attention:  Documents in the 'Needs Attention' list are those that appear to be eligible for OCR, but encountered problems during processing.  Files in this list could be corrupted or contain invalid images (try opening them in an image viewer to be sure), or they may be images that Symphony OCR does not handle yet. 

Occasionally, a document can fall into the 'Needs Attention' list because of bad timing  Symphony OCR trying to process the document when it isn't fully available.  So we always recommend clicking the "Show Bulk Operations" button and then "Re-Analyze All", just to ensure this isn't the case.

If the document is corrupted, you can either remove the document from Worldox, or manually tell Symphony OCR to "ignore" it, which will put it on the 'Ignored' list.  If the 'Needs Attention' list contains any documents, the overall system condition will show as "Warn."  Ignoring a document that you have already checked is a good way to change the system condition back to "OK". 

If the document does not appear corrupted, the next step would be to allow us to see a copy of the file.  Because PDFs can be generated in countless different ways, we occasionally run into a specific sub-type of PDF that we've not encountered before.  If we can get a copy of the file that is falling into the 'Needs Attention' list, we can in almost all cases, add support for the file.  Please contact us at support@trumpetinc.com for instructions to upload documents to our secure site.

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