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1.8. Monitored Folders Configuration

The Monitored Folder(s) is the folder(s) that the Symphony Profiler Processor monitors for scanned documents that should be matched up to a Symphony reservation.

Note: We recommend that you configure the scanner(s) to place scanned documents into a dedicated Symphony input Folder on the network.  For example, if your scanner supports creation of different scan profiles, create a scan profile on the scanner named 'Symphony' and have documents scanned with that profile placed into a dedicated Symphony input folder.  You can use multiple folders if preferred.  Visit the FAQs section for instructions on configuring dedicated scan paths for certain scanners.

These instructions provide a more detailed look at the Symphony Profiler Monitored Folder configuration settings, which are available by navigating to Edit > Preferences in the Symphony Profiler Processor.

  1. By default, the Symphony Profiler Processor configures a single Input folder in its network installation location.  If additional folders need to be added, select "Add"
  2. In the "Folder" field, select the ellipses (...) button and browse to the folder on your network that Symphony Profiler should monitor
  3. Leave the "Reservation ID regular expression" field as is
    Tip: This is an advanced configuration option that can be used to process the input filenames in certain ways.  It is unlikely that you will need to change this, especially if you are using Symphony Profiler cover sheets.
  4. Click "OK"
  5. Repeat for any additional folders that need to be added
  6. Remove any folders that should not be monitored by selecting them and clicking "Remove"
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